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December 2009 - January 2010

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December 2009 - January 2010


The young Turk of fashion

by Sandeep Sharma

Fashion designer Varun Bahl has enormous reserves of talent and quality work to his credit. A look at his work and style.

Having just arrived back from Paris Fashion Week I researched all the venues and was particularly delighted with what I saw at Trannoi Louvre.

Another Season at Paris Fashion Week has just ended and it was again amazing to see the creative talent at the world premiere fashion venue. Paris boasts seven exhibition centres, thus making it a hub for international buyers and fashion scouts alike. I researched all of these venues and was particularly delighted to find a strong presence of Indian designers showcasing their talent in Paris. I remember coming to Paris seven years ago and seeing at most one or two Indian names. This year no less that ten were there.

White, a select showcase of talented designers, voted Varun Bahl’s collection as ‘Best of season’ from among 20 competing designers from different countries

The popularity of Indian designers as well as the Indian fashion industry is growing by the day. In my articles, I will highlight these exciting Indian designers who have made a name for themselves abroad. In this edition I would like to introduce to you the exciting and new talent Varun Bahl.

A National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi, India) graduate, Varun Bahl launched his label in 2001. With enormous reserves of talent and quality work, Varun has the distinction of working with international fashion maestros through his family export business. Varun has embellished the works of Annani, a part of Kenzo Jungle, Jeans and Kenzo Paris, and Lacroix's Bazaar and Jeans.

Varun showcased his Spring Summer 2003 collection at White in Italy. Each season White, a select showcase of talented designers, introduces a select group of new designers to the international fashion fraternity. It was here among a tough jury of top 10 Design stores of Italy such as Tessa bit, Sugar, Penelope, Luisa Via Roma to name a few , Varun Bahl’s collection was voted the ‘Best of season’ from among 20 competing designers from different countries.

His creations are a distinctive repertoire of designs, mixing vintage and antique look with the new and contemporary lines resulting in a very chic and fresh look. The focus of Bahl’s collection is primarily on surface ornamentation, simple and clean silhouettes and a fusion of techniques. Which means that one may find block printing, appliqué and embroidery on an outfit that is crafted from fabrics with different textures.

Varun’s collection will be available in 42 stores across Italy, 10 in Spain, and 10 plus in the Middle and Far East. Back home Varun retails from ensemble in Delhi and Mumbai.

And here’s an exclusive peek at some of the creations of Varun Bahl’s Spring/Summer Collection 2010 just for our special readers of India Link International. Enjoy!

Varun Bahl managed to steal the show at HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai recently. He was quoted as saying that he will never have any Bollywood celebrity walking the ramp for him. He believes that they take audiences’ attention away from your clothes. “I would like my work to speak for me,” he had said confidently. Way to go!

An exclusive peek at some of the fantastic creations of Varun Bahl’s Spring/Summer Collection 2010:

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