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June - July 2004

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June - July 2004


Interview - Zayed Khan - Birth Of A New Khan

by Rajan Patel

In the recent past, Bollywood is known for its "Khans". First Amir, then Salman followed by Shah Rukh Khan. At a time when Bollywood is domaninated by the "Khan" factor, here comes along another Khan, who looks promising. With his debut in "Chura Liya", Zaid Khan has come a long way. Son of actor Sanjay Khan and cousin of Fardeen Khan, Zaid was written off by critics after his debut film bombed.

Well when Shah Rukh was looking for an actor for "Main Hun Na", and presto Zaid bagged this film. While this interview was done "Main Hun Na" was to be released. By the time this interview goes for print, the movie is already a box office hit. Director Farah Khan has delivered one of the biggest hits of the year. Rajan Patel meets with Zaid for a short talk.

How did you "bag" this role?
I got the film by default. I came in from Goa hoping in vain that Farah would do a song for me in Churaliya and little did I know that she had other things in mind. I was looking like a complete ragamuffin, with a long beard and long hair, and I had no idea that Farah was going to direct a film. As I was sitting there Shahrukh walked in and told me about the role and also said that the role I was being offered was better than his, and that I should do it if I really wanted to do it.

What is your character in the film?
I am playing Shahrukh's younger brother who is very rebellious, self absorbed, egoistic, and careless and a loveable kind of guy who blames his attitude on the traumatic past that he has. His contagious nature makes him very popular and everyone wants to be like him. After meeting Sharukh, his life changes and he becomes responsible for his actions.

Experiences with SRK ( popular nick name for Shah Rukh in Bollywood) ?
Shahrukh was amazing, he has always gone out of his way to help out and any advice he has given has always been keeping the bigger picture in mind. Even when I used to fumble he never got impatient on the other hand he used to constantly encourage me to carry on.

Tell us more about the projects at hand?
I am currently doing Vaada (A Vashu Bhagnani Film), Shabd (A PNC Production), and Maidan (A film directed by Puneet Sira).

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