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June - July 2004

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June - July 2004


Romancing the Stones.. For Good Health!

by Kanika Malhotra

It is well-known that INDIA has been a land famed for its collection of precious stones since ages and ancient travellers' accounts eulogise upon the huge heaps and troves of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and many other varieties of stones found so abundantly in bazaars and the palaces of the erstwhile princely-states and kingdoms …It is also a fact of history that ancient systems of Medicine in India ,be it the Ayurveda or the Siddha or the Unani methods of cure for various kinds of ailments and diseases which believe in natural curative-methods stress upon the use of gem-stones in the preparation of different types of medicines . While the procedures for preparing these medicines is time-consuming ,cumbersome, complicated as well as cost-prohibitive to many, many choose to don the recommended stone as an adornment, often in the form of a finger-ring ,the stone lying embedded inside the ring often made out of gold.

Long, long ago sages and physicians in INDIA had discovered the 'healing-properties' of these stones. They believed that gem-stones emit astral rays which would counteract the negative influences of the planets and that the wearer of the stone would be cured of the ill-effects of unhappy planetary positions or transits in space --- net result , the individual concerned will derive the maximum benefit by wearing certain stones on specific parts of the body .

We in the modern age take pride in the knowledge of living in a perfectly scientific, sane and logical world might tend to pooh-pooh it all as 'rubbish' or 'old world superstitions' but as a study it offers interesting insights into the co-relation between birth, death, life, existence, cosmic world, astrology, medicine, astronomy, geology, gemology, earth sciences, nature-cure, etc…Whether or not the use of these stones actually make a difference in the real world, gemstones have all through the ages of history been linked up invariably with good health , luck and prosperity .

While the therapy may be more psychological than physiological by any stretch of imagination , let us examine the special qualities as well as special or unique traits attributed to different types of gemstones so as to delve deeper into the logic behind the theory of 'different stones affecting different people in varied ways…' holding sway over so many billions of minds ,generation upon generation :

Luxury, wealth, beauty, comforts and all that is good in life .But, a blemished or defective diamond can cause harm to the wearer. The diamond, which reflects all the colours of the rainbow, is light and round and without any blemishes. This is the one that you should be wearing if diamond is the stone prescribed for you .Powdered diamond is forbidden for oral use. Its ashes, strictly prepared under supervision, are prescribed as a relief for tuberculosis, insanity(of certain kinds),dropsy ,diabetes, ulcers, anaemia and inflammation . If taken over a long period of time, diamond ashes are said to prolong life and give a radiant appearance to the person concerned.

A red or pinkish ruby represents authority and power. It influences the sun and , if worn ,it helps in strengthening the positive influences of the star. There are many ways to determine a good ruby : It is generally six-sided and, when examined in the early morning sun against a mirror, it should throw rays on the lower part of the mirror .If the ruby lacks lustre ,is brittle, has cracks, or is spotted, it is flawed. Used in ash and powder form, a ruby is said to increase blood and improve circulation. It cure problems caused by excess wind and disorders of the stomach ,hence prolonging life. The powder-extract prepared (bhasma or the ashes) has the ability to supress wind, bile and phlegm in the body, give relief in tuberculosis ,colic pain ,eye ailments , leprosy and impotency .The ashes also relieve excessive heat and burning sensations.

The coral (red and vermilion in colour) was used long ago by the Romans as it was considered to be auspicious. The coral, though not a gem stone, has been given a very special place among gem stones. Coral influences Mars ,the planet that is responsible for activity ,energy ,courage and strength .Coral helps the wearer to maintain stability and precision. A good coral is opaque ,perfectly round or oval in shape and is smooth and splendorous . If it is spotted ,cracked or has more than one shade of colour ,it is flawed. It is best not to buy this one. Coral, ground in rose water ,dried and then taken with honey provides strength to the body. When taken with a paan (betel leaf) it cures cough and phlegm.

The pearl a symbol of dignity and purity was once popular among royalty. Pearls come in different shades, they can be white ,black, yellow ,blue ,salmon pink ,red ,brown or green. Pearls with a rosy sheen are the most coveted and expensive. They usually come from the Persian Gulf. The pearl represents the moon, which influences the mind, emotions and social status. Wearing a pearl can bring harmony. A pearl is also said to have medicinal benefits and powdered pearls are used in many Ayurvedic preparations. A good pearl, ground in rose or kewra water, made into paste, then dried and taken orally ,is beneficial in conditions caused by calcium - deficiency. Pearl ashes also provide relief from body heat and are good for the eyes. They cure tuberculosis ,chronic fevers, cough ,breathing problems ,palpitations, high blood pressure, heart ailments ,exhaustion and weakness. A pearl is flawed if it has cracks or a mole on the skin, or if it is lustreless .

A Greek legend explains the origin of the amethyst which is purple-hued. Dionysius, the Greek god of wine was insulted by a human being. Dionysius swore that he would take revenge on the next mortal who crossed his path. He created fierce tigers to carry out his wish. Along came the unsuspecting Amethyst, a beautiful young maiden, on her way to pay tribute to the Goddess Diana. Diana turned Amethyst into a statue of pure crystalline quartz to protect her from the brutal claws of the fierce animals. Dionysius wept tears of wine in remorse for his action at the sight of the beautiful statue. The God's tears strained the quartz purple, creating this beautiful stone. Purple, with its obvious associations with royalty, has been popular for ages. Amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against excessive intoxication, which is why wine goblets were often carved from it! …!! This gem - stone still symbolises sobriety

To wax eloquent about the good qualities of all gem stones is not the aim of this write-up but it would be pertinent as well as interesting to note that that every gem stone has unique properties on account of which it can be worn (or not worn ) . Of course ,not everybody can wear the stones : there is a stone for all who believe in this therapy -method to maintain Good - Health .

There are many varieties of gem-stones and several types of ' protective ' precious /semi-precious stones available in the family- collections as also with those specialising in this curative-method . We welcome any enquiry in this regard at the address of our business-advisers,viz; Kanika Ramana & Associates , INDIA . E-mail :


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