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August - September 2004

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August - September 2004

Political News

Sonia's False Modesty

by Bhupendra Gandhi

Now that the dust has settle down, the emotionally charged atmosphere has the time to cool down, it is time to analyze, investigate, even phychoanalysis the result and the effect it will have on India's future, on political, economical, social and religious structure.

For the first time there is no Hindu politician in a high post, holds a significant position to safeguard the interest of the majority. The power is effectively in the hands of a Muslim president and a Christian Party leader, although there is absolutely no doubt what so ever about the loyalty of Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Manmohan Singh, as both have already proved their credentials time and time again. India will be safe in their hands I would go further and say that Shri Manmohan Singh is Atalji Mark Two. Whether Sonia is in the same league, only time will tell. After all India was divided on a two-nation theory but it seems the country is heading towards the same fate as Pakistan.

No one would have thought before the election that Sonoa Gandhi could outmanoeuvre, out-think and outflank the entire BJP hierarchy so easily. Perhaps she is surrounded by clever political pundits or that BJP became over confident, arrogant and ignored the tell tell sign and the writing on the wall. Their battle plan were flawed, as BJP concentrated on the middle class, forgetting that millions more live in villages and rural areas.

BJP also chose wrong partners. In Indian politics, the partners of the incumbent state government always do badly. So the incumbency factor played a major part in the defeat of BJP in the states of Chandrababu's Andhra Pradesh and Jayalalita's in Tamil Nadu. There was a clamor to join the NDA alliance. So how BJP chose such partners is a mystery. Did they read the situation so badly or we are trying to be wise after the event?

Sonia's masterstroke was that she refused to accept the highest political post of the land, refuse to become the Prime Minister when the opportunity was within her grasp, an obvious move for a party leader that has just captured the most seats in a parliamentary election. So what could be her motive, surely not modesty or a lack of desire for power? She entered politics solely to safeguard the future of her children, to continue with the dynastical rule.

But as usual, her sacrifice was universally applauded throughout the length and breadth of the land. While Sonia reigns supreme, every one dancing to her tune, her children Rahul and Priyanka will get the time to accumulate the political wisdom and mature under the protection of their mother. It is worth noting that Rahul who had spend most of his adult years in America and just return to Bharat, when the election date was announced, won easily against his experienced opponents who have served Bharat all their lives. This is indeed a sad reflection on the voters of his constituency.

Even the veteran politician and the freedom fighter Ram Naik, who has been an MP since 1952, whose name is long associated with simplicity, honesty, secularism and serving the nation on all fronts, lost his seat to a novice politician and a two bit actor Govinda. This is the shortfall of Indian democracy where appearance is every thing and substance, sacrifice and patriotism always come second to dynasty, glamour and gold.

Some times we just wonder whether democracy is right for Bharat, as Bharat's glory days were always associated with a kind of a totalitarian rule, whether it was under Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Yudhister, Guru Nanak, warrior king Chandragupta or Emperor Ashok or patriotic, desh bakhta king Shivaji Maharaj. Even Sardar Patel and Subashchandra Bose would have become an ideal totalitarian ruler. It is obvious to all political pundits that China has made more progress during the last fifty five years under communism than the previous two hundred years put together.

During the first half of the 20th centuary, China was ruled by numerous warlords, always at each other's throat. It is feared that an introduction of democracy in China would reincarnate warlord culture and destroy the country, which is destined to become a super power within the next fifty years, overtaking Japan and even America. No such future can be predicted for Bharat, especially under Congress rule.

I do not know how Dr. Ambadkar who wrote India's constitution failed to put a clause that only Indian born and bred citizens of Bharat could be elected to the highest office of the land, that of the President and the Prime Minister. This is the reality in many countries, including America and Britain. Arnold Swasnigger who just became the governor of California, the richest state in USA, will never become a president of USA, the country he loves and where he made his fame and fortune, just because he was not born in USA. We will never see a non-Christian, non-white king or queen on the British throne.

In the ancient Bharatvarsh dating back 2400 years, Chandragupta Maurya had an arranged marriage, a marriage of convenience with Helena, the beautiful and sensual daughter of the Greek governor Seleucas, who was left behind by Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia and the first real emperor, to rule Bharat But on the advise of his trusted friend, his guru and a father figure of Vishnu Prasad Gupta, popularly known as Chanakya, Chandragupta made it clear and binding that any children born out of this wedlock and even progeny were banned from inheriting the throne.

Only the children and progeny born from a Hindu wife were allowed to inherit the throne. It seems with the passage of time, we the Hindus have become more trustful, credulous and gullible than ever before. No wonder that the kingdom Ashoka left behind has been divided and sub-divided again and again. Soon there will be no Bharatvarsh left for us to call our home. Without a homeland, our faith would be that of the Jewish people before the Second World War. No wonder Jewish people in Israel defend their nation with the sweat and blood that we the Hindus can never do.

Although people of India voted for Sonia, albeit in a low turnout, a hazard in a democracy, the Indian business community gave a thumbs down sign, as the Mumbai stock market went into a free fall, losing some 700 points, wiping out 15% of the market value when it should have gone up, when it became clear that the threat of a hung parliament has receded.

It is obvious that the business community did not have faith either in the Congress party or in Sonia Gandhi. Her foreign origin was a thorn in her ambition, not only among BJP supporters but most political parties, which made her position untenable in the long run.

The reason she put forward, the fear of being assassinated was a smokescreen to gain public sympathy and she succeeded beyond her wildest dream. All politicians in a democratic nation throughout the world face the same threat. It should have been obvious to her as soon as she entered politics.

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