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August - September 2004

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August - September 2004

Dispatches & Reports

Dispatches & Reports

Asian Lifestyle Show 2004 At Kensington Olympia

Media magnate and entrepreneur Tony Lit is bringing to the UK's capital the largest and leading exhibition of its kind, Asian Lifestyle 2004 at the prestigious Olympia Grand Hall on 9th, 10th and 11th July.

The Asian Lifestyle 2004, in association with Sony Entertainment Television Asia and Sunrise Radio, will showcase a plethora of exhibitors from near and far giving Asian and mainstream brands and services a unique opportunity to display their products to consumers of all backgrounds, cultures and countries.

Some of the biggest names in entertainment will perform exclusively at the event including talented new artist Raghav and hot young producer and DJ Rishi Rich. The exhibition guarantees to hold your attention from the moment you step inside to the minute you unwillingly leave. Aside the selection of performances, there will also be a number of Bollywood A-list stars in attendance and four daily fashion shows.

Exhibitors will showcase goods covering all aspects from one's lifestyle, which fall in to the following sectors: Time spent at the Asian Lifestyle 2004 means having accessibility to specialist goods and items you never even dreamed existed and is an event for everyone, irrespective of age and income.

In addition, a variety of interactive activities will be on offer to ensure that visitors achieve the ultimate experiences. Extra features include astrology readings, beauty makeovers, recruitment village, cookery demonstrations, cinema theatre, sports demonstrations, kids activity playground and the Virtual Reality Experience.

Show Director, Tony Lit, is the creative genius behind Asian Lifestyle 2004 and sees the exhibition as a chance for its visitors to experience the richness of Asian culture in Britain.

Lit comments, "There have been many attempts to create this type of show in the past, but there has always been something missing, either the products have been right and the venue wrong, or the venue is right and the product wrong. This show intends to deliver on both fronts and is an event not to be missed."


PETA Hopes Human Race Will Expose and End Cruelty Behind Bull Run Pamplona, Spain Twenty-seven-year-old, London-based Indo-American Poorva Joshipura, whose parents are from Gujarat, set off to Spain to join an estimated 300 PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporters from around the world to run through the streets of Pamplona two days before the city's annual Running of the Bulls as part of PETA's third annual Human Race on 5 July.

Although many protesters wore nothing more than red scarves and plastic bull horns, Joshipura, who represemted Indian way of life in Pamplona, showed respect for her Indian heritage by protesting clothed. PETA supporters have written to the mayor of Pamplona, asking her to embrace a new tradition of saving Human Race in festivasls and to stop abusing bulls, who are terrified when they are forced to stampede through the city and often suffer serious injuries as they slip and fall on cobbled streets.

Despite the growing Spanish disdain for bullfighting reflected by the Barcelona City Councils recent vote to ban this primitive bloodsport and the thousands of complaints from all over the world that have been flooding her office, the mayor of Pamplona has not responded to PETA's request The Running of the Bulls is tourist-driven, yet most visitors haven't a clue about the cruelty that bulls are subjected to before, during and after the run.

Electric-shock prods and sharp sticks are typically used to torment and frighten the bulls into a stampede. As the animals flee, they sustain bruises, cuts and broken bones. In the bullfights following the run, bulls are often intentionally debilitated with tranquilisers and beatings and have petroleum jelly rubbed in their eyes so that they are less able to resist their tormentors' attacks. According to The New York Times, as many as 90 per cent of tourists who attend bullfights never return after witnessing the animals' suffering.

Says Joshipura, "The run went very well. We had about 250 participants. We have become a part of what the town is known for. apparently our run was mentioned on a list of what to do while in Pamplona for tourists. Tour guides were also advising their groups to watch our run. i firmly believe that or protest will eventually overshadow or even replace the cruel Running of the Bulls."

Joshipura has proved to be cows best friend. She has taken her demonstrations against the abuse of cows and other animals for leather and meat all over the world, from Washington to Paris and from Nairobi to Mumbai. Joshipura also heads a campaign to reform the Indian leather industry and has successfully rallied more than 40 retail giants worldwide including Reebok, Gucci, Nike, Gap Inc and Kenneth Cole to use their buying power to encourage the Indian government to crack down on the widespread abuse of animals used for leather.

Cambridge Appoints Karan Billimoria As Visiting Entrepreneur

Cambridge University's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) is delighted to announce the appointment of eminent entrepreneurs Dr Hermann Hauser and Karan Bilimoria CBE, DL as the first honorary Visiting Entrepreneurs in the 800-year history of the university. These distinguished positions recognise their extraordinary contribution to the teaching and training of entrepreneurs in the University of Cambridge.

Shai Vyakarnam, CfEL's Director, said: "One of our core values is to involve seasoned entrepreneurs such as Karan and Hermann in the delivery of all programmes as they have the credibility to teach entrepreneurship through sharing their own experiences and inspiring future entrepreneurs.

The track records of both our Visiting Entrepreneurs have been exemplary. Hermann for his depth of contribution to technology venturing, venture capital and policy-making, and Karan for his expertise in marketing, brand-building, individual enterprise, and more recently to Indo-British relations".Hermann Hauser, in accepting the title, said: "Cambridge is a hotbed of
innovation and entrepreneurship and the University is the ideal place to nurture our entrepreneurial talent of the future. The demand for CfEL is evident, with the Centre's Enterprise Tuesday having the highest attendance rate and most subscribed course of any non-assessed programme in the University. I am delighted to be part of this important project".

Karan Bilimoria, Founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer and UK Co-Chairman of the Indo-British Partnership (IBP) added: "I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed Visiting Entrepreneur at Cambridge. I came up with the idea for Cobra Beer while I was a student at Cambridge. Today, it is wonderful to see entrepreneurship flourishing at Cambridge and being at the very heart of the university. The CfEL has a key role in spreading the spirit of enterprise at
Cambridge and in the UK, and is vital for budding entrepreneurs and the UK's future leaders".

As part of their commitment to the title of Visiting Entrepreneur, Karan and Hermann will be asked to visit and lecture at Cambridge University regularly, in order to provide a source of inspiration and opportunity for nascent and novice entrepreneurs to meet with them. In addition to these distinguished entrepreneurs, the CfEL is also fortunate to have two Entrepreneurs in Residence; Alan Barrell and Jack Lang, both of whom provide not only teaching but inspiration and practical help to students.

The CfEL, part of the Judge Institute of Management, which is the University of Cambridge's business school, delivers a range of educational activities on the practise of Entrepreneurship, to inspire and build skills and 'spread the spirit of enterprise' within the University of Cambridge and beyond. The team at CfEL develops the curriculum and courses but all the teaching and inspiration comes from some 200+ entrepreneurs who have given so much of themselves to bring the vision to life.

Sandra Dawson, Director of the Judge Institute, commented, "Karan and Hermann have been tremendous inspirers and supporters of entrepreneurial ambitions and achievements amongst students, faculty members and in the wider scientific and business community. They have also not forgotten to encourage those of us who are growing the development of teaching and research within the business school to be entrepreneurial as well. We are thrilled to enjoy their close cooperation and leadership".

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