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August - September 2004

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August - September 2004


Letters to the Editor

From: Dr. Rami Ranger (FRSA)
London, UK
Definition Of A Real Sikh

Dear Sir,

The selection of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India represents what our Gurus intended for Sikhs to be in the world, when they created them, - The Best among the Rest. They created the brotherhood of Khalsa having seen the consequences of the rule of the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb. Hence, they never intended to create another religious state knowing full well what the Indians were going through under the tyranny of Aurangzeb. Instead they fought and sacrificed to form a secular and just India.

I ask a very simple question to my fellow Sikhs. Should we follow those Sikh leaders who are popular across all India and across all religions or do we follow those leaders who make us look intolerant, separatist, fanatic, and in some cases terrorist?

Do we follow those leaders who neither have the intelligence nor the farsight to realise the consequences of their blend of politics of divide and rule for not only Sikhs but for all Indians India's strength is in its diversity. When we discriminate against any Indian on the basis of religion we in fact discriminate against a section of India.

The selection of Manmohan Singh by people of all religions of India shows beyond doubt that we are all first Indians and then Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian or whichever faith we may follow for our personal peace.

"A bad mechanic will always blame his tools" and I sincerely hope that Sikhs will shun bad leaders who blame other Indians for their own failings and instead we should all follow our Gurus who sacrificed so much for the betterment of India and not just for Sikhs, so that people can live in peace and harmony, regardless of their race, and ethnic origin.

Finally, those who wish to keep Sikhs out of India are the enemies of the Sikhs and are going against the teachings of our Gurus. I would go as far as to say that these misguided people are trying to put themselves above the teachings of our Gurus and the Sikh ethos of universal brotherhood and oneness of all mankind.

Long live India's democracy and secularism.

Dr Rami Ranger (FRSA)

From: Mr. Rami Ranger
London, UK
Are ID Cards The Answer To Britain's Security Problems

Dear Sir

The Home secretary is about to spend 3 billion pounds of taxpayers hard earned money issuing us with ID cards in the belief that this will prevent terrorists coming to Britain.

This notion cannot be further from the truth. If he thinks that with the help of ID cards he will be able to transform the minds of those who have inherent hatred for our way of life he is living in cuckoo land. History shows that those responsible for 9/11, carried out the most evil attack against innocent people using their own identities. These panic measures go against the British character; never to panic when faced with danger, rather deal with it calmly and courageously.

Furthermore those who have been systematically brain washed and poisoned against our way of life may be ready to carry suicide bombs whilst carrying the Home Secretary's state of the art ID card.

The only way we can eliminate terrorism in Britain is by keeping a strict eye on those in Britain who use taxpayers money and preach hatred against their fellow human beings in order to further their selfish gains. There should be a mandatory life imprisonment for those convicted of inciting race and religious hatred. This 3 billion pounds should be used to strengthen intelligence and the police service.

In some cases these enemies of peace should be deported, where appropriate, without appeal. Those who show no loyalty to Britain deserve no loyalty in return. By shutting our doors to those who preach bigotry, we can achieve the desired effect with minimal cost.

There is an old Chinese proverb "keep your doors locked and never call another a thief"

Rami Ranger

From: Mr R. Gellini
Monte Carlo, Monaco
General Comments & Observations

Dear Sir

Many thanks for India Link, as always intelligent, informative and interesting. Especially for us , Europeans, kept totally ignorant of that great reality: Mother India.

Yours truly

R. Gellini

Venkata Ramana
Hyderabad, India
India Link - New Improved Design

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that the latest issue has received encomiums from several quarters for its changed and indeed pleasant design, oay-out and contents. I am personally pleased to read your incisive editorial which was par excellence in its precise analysis of the startk realities of the Indian Election Scenario..a gread read and an eye-opener to all concerned (including the Indian Electorate).

I look forward to a great future fo rour magazine-team in India very soon.
I cannot but help remark that the 'letters to the editor' also made interesting reading this time not because of the 'nice' letters of appreciation but largely due to a letter by one contributor who reeks of parochialistic tendency and he understood the exact opposite of what was written by this author….!!

I at once felt that our beteran of patriots (as I gathered from a couple of his earlier rejoinders), Mr. Krishan Dutt is the right person to dole out a dose of saner thinking to that reader.

Yours truly,


Mr. Hardyal Luther
Heston, Middlesex
President India International Foundation

Dear Sir,

I am extremely glad to see the achievements of your magazine and its noble contribution in informing the world about the progress made by our great country - India. India is a country where caste, colour, creed and status do not exist and the principles of secularism are honoured and adhered to, and where every one helps the other.

This is evident from the asociation of all those with our Foundation and the speeches they made at its inauguration, whre you were also present. I am sure that India Link International will lprogress tremendously and will continue to present worthy image of India to the world, for which I send my very best wishes to you.

Hardyal Luther

Mr. Ramesh Viash "Moradabadi"
Wembley, Middlesex
India...My India!!

Dear Sir,

At my recent visit to India, mostly in Delhi and Allahabad, I noticed a remarkable improvement in the economic and social condition of the people. India is developing in all walks of life. It is a country of sages and sadhus. I noticed more efficiency in public transport. Export to other countries has gone up.

Belonging to Moradabad, I noticed brassware and silver export had risen tremendously. The quality of goods is of reasonable standard. One gets real peace of mind, especially when you get an opportunity to visit Hardwar, Rishikesh and Sangam in Allahabad.

I am proud of India's culture and civilisation. The young generation gives respect and regard to the elders; and the elderly give their love and affection. As before, I organised free eye camp for the poor and disabled people in Moradabad district, where 50 cataract operations were performed successfully. The trip to India was a spiritual bliss. It replenished me mentally as well as physically .

Yours sincerely,

Ramesh Vaish 'Moradabadi'

Mr. CP Dalvi
Mumbai, India
Who Is Bowling No Ball?

Dear Sir,

Nari Contractor, the ex-captain of India was felled by Gilcrist the West Indian fast bowler who threw more balls than balls legitimately bowled. Contractor was lucky to survive thanks to the great Frank Worrel and his friends who donated their blood during his emergency cranial surgery. However, Nari never played a Test after that..Except for Shane Bond, all fast bowlers of today including Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar throw their faster deliveries.

They are tolerated by the authorities concerned inspite of the fact that they are a threat to life and limb.. Why is it then that every now and then there is a hue and cry over the bowling action of Murlidharan? He is a slow offspinner posing no danger of any injury to the batsman and whose deliveries have been repeatedly proved to be legitimate in three different laboratories namely from Hongkong in l996, from England in 1999 and now from Austr! alia in 2004.

Is Murlidharan hounded because he is neither an Englishman nor an Australian and has broken the world record of taking the maximum number of Test Wickets just in 89 matches.It is hightime that he be left alone to achieve greater glory. Poor fellow has already spent several sleepless nights because of the fear that these so called experts may finish off his test career.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. C.P.Dalvi

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