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August - September 2004

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August - September 2004


Film Review: Lekshya

by Rajan Patel

The most awaited Bollywood flick is finally released. Through all the pre release hype ( including Hritik's "special" haircut for the film which created such a stir -- then !) Hritik fans finally get to see the film which they have waited for the past 3 years.

Karan Shergill, ( Hritik Roshan) a tentative college student is unsure about what he wants in life and has no particular "Lakshya". His then aimless life is just about his college friends and his girlfriend Romila Dutta ( Priety Zinta) who is then a part time social activist.

One fine day Karan decides that his aimless life should be brought to an end -- and what does he decide to do ? ..he joins the Indian Army ! (unfortunately the script doesn't justify why !).

During all this Romila gets a job as a correspondent with a TV channel, Global News.Post his days at the Indian Military Academy, Shergill is posted with the 3rd Punjab Rifles, who is headed by Colonel Sunil Damle ( Amitabh Bachchan). Just as he is posted there, the Indo Pak Kargil confrontation begins and who else but to save the day -- Karan Shergill !! Romila and her cameraman follow the army to the Kargil area to cover the war. And guess what ?? they are the only pair of journalist who are covering the war ! BBC, CNN, etc. sorry no room for them.....

In showing Shergill as the saviour ( for the recapture of Peak 5179, one of the sub missions in Operation Vijay during the Kargil War), director Farhan Akhtar wants to show how a tentative "boy" grows into a "pak bashing" hero. His only achievement in the 3 hour plus film is another re hash of a Indo Pak conflict, merged with his definition of achieving a "Lakshya", a limp/lame plot, with a boring music score.

Post the "goodwill" cricket matches, and the general goodwill which has been generated between both India and Pakistan by the BJP Government, this film seems a little outdated in spirit. The 1st question a fellow journalist sitting next to me was "Do we need any more Indo-pak conflict films ? "

The film is downright slow and dragging in the 1st half. Shergill's apparent "simplicity" is shown to be downright silly, and a touch tres "IQ-less". The 2nd half is about the war and makes you feel that one is watching J.P.Dutta's "LOC" once again, minus the Hindi expletives.

While Hritik has acted well, his performance will not justify why someone would want to see the film. Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant, especially the last scene, when he announces the victory for India. Though one feels that his role is small, the legend could have been used more effectively. Priety Zinta with her various hair wigs is way below her best ( to put it lightly) and one seems that age has caught up with her to still play a girl just out of college. The film is definitely
going to be one of her career's low points.

As for the movie goer...he does need a "real" Lakshya ....


Performances -- **
Music -- *
Look -- **
Overall -- *

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