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October - November 2004

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October - November 2004


British Asian Conservatives felicitate their Leader at Brent Town Hall to the beat of ‘Punjabi Dhol’

A massive reception was organized by the British Asian Conservative Link in honour of their leader, The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC, MP, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition.
Over 1000 people attended the glittering reception to show their support. Mrs Sandra Howard, the Tory leader’s wife along with other Tory Members namely Sir George Young Bt, MP, Mr Crispin Blunt MP, Mr Dominic Greave MP, Mr Tim Boswell MP, Mr Howard Flight MP and Mr John Randall MP, also attended the Reception.

Mr Howard praised the work the British Asian Conservative Link was doing in bringing the Asians back to the Party of their natural values. He also acknowledged the contribution of the community and stated that 3% of the population was putting back 10% into the GDP of Britain. He was conscious of Britain’s historic ties with the people of the sub-continent and the contributions made by the soldiers in the Great Wars. He encouraged the ethnic minorities to join the Party and play a meaningful role. Mr Howard also condemned the Labour Party for bringing in 61 new taxes since coming to power and for increasing the tax burden of almost £5000 per year on each Briton.
The Chairman, Mr Ranbir Suri praised Mr Howard for his outstanding leadership qualities and said that a new mood was being felt in the Party and that the Party was on the verge of winning. He praised the loyalty the Asians have for the Tory Party.

The General Secretary, Mr Rami Ranger reminded the public of the bad old days and said that if we were not careful, Britain would once again become the sick man of Europe. He said that the current Government envies prosperity, punishes success and taxes ambition; and this cannot be right if we are to become a prosperous nation. Without prosperity, social justice cannot be offered. He urged everybody to exercise their right to vote for the success of the Tory Government.
The top chefs of the Baylis House, Slough provided the scrumptious dinner and the Impact Dancers provided the entertainment. Karan Riat sang the latest Bollywood hits. It turned out to be the biggest reception ever given by Asian community to any political leader in Britain.

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