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December 2004 - January 2005

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December 2004 - January 2005

Business Forum

India Link Business Dinner at Bombay Palace

India Link International Business Dinner was held at Bombay Palace restaurant in London’s West End. The presentation for the evening was given by a team of Citibank representatives led by Messrs Kurian and Shailesh Jaiswal. The President Dr. SP Sharma welcomed the members and guests. He hoped that the presentation would be enlightening as well as entertaining.

He was not disappointed when Mr. Kurian (right) of Citibank rose to present the advantages and disadvantages of investment banking as a whole in the present business climate. He particularly emphasised the value of investment vis-a-vis inflationary trends for a layperson. Citibank NRI Business team was there to spur the global Indian entrepreneur to greater heights. The Indian diaspora is estimated to be 20 million strong with an economic output of about $400 billion. Over the last few years this unique set of individuals have come to assert a lot of influence around the world.


Two decades ago, Citibank India realized that this community was one with unique financial commitments and banking needs. Living in one country with roots in yet another, NRIs were truly Global Indians, who required a portfolio of financial products and solutions that was both tailor-made and specialised. To provide them with these services, Citibank NRI Business was envisioned to make banking across continents not just possible, but also convenient.


With their vast experience behind them, the team at Citibank NRI Business functions from over 45 centers across the globe, At the moment they are managing assets worth over USD 5 billion. The work of this division of Citibank has become a model for other Indian banks targeting this class of exclusive Indians.

Catering to a varied set of customers, from 25 year-old software professionals to second-generation businessmen in Dubai or London to high-profile professionals in Hong Kong, the Business has maintained flexibility in its product set as well as its customer delivery to manage the expectations of NRIs across the world.



One of the main reasons for the success of the Business has been the presence of Indian Relationship Managers. Trained and certified financial professionals, their Indian background helps them understand the NRI customers’ distinctive needs and aspirations. Aided by this keen insight and armed with their knowledge of investment products from around the world, they suggest suitable options from a gamut of Treasury products, investment products and India-based products.
Citibank NRI Business also complements its services with innovative state-of-the-art online banking and CitiPhone banking to ensure a seamless banking experience to every customer.


Citibank NRI Business has set its goal high. Expansion plans to increase its operating centres are underway, as are plans to reach out to more Indians worldwide. With newer products and more constructive solutions, Citibank NRI Business stands ready to live up to its primary promise to the NRI community; to empower the successful Global Indian.


After the presentation, Dr. Chandru Malkani, of Vanis’ Ltd. gave a vote of thanks to the presenters and the members of the Business Forum.

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