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April - May 2005

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April - May 2005


Letters to the Editor

Re: The Immigration Debate

Dear Sir,
The recent debate on immigration prompted by the Rt. Hon Michael Howard QC MP is not intended as an election gimmick, but as a warning to those who believe that we can sustain the present level of immigration for the foreseeable future.

As a non- white immigrant, I would like to inform my fellow Britons that those who just wish to curb the Black and Asian immigration will in the end score an own goal. All that glitters is not gold. It is the Asian and Black immigrants who work above average and get jobs which pay below average. They give Britain a competitive edge in the world. Today, the British economy is booming because the Asians and Blacks are punching above their weight for the success of us all. If it weren’t for these communities, the British health, transport and catering industries would come to an abrupt halt. There are many who come to Britain for cherry picking, whereas these communities underpin British stability.

I can say with confidence that Asians and Blacks are more loyal to the Crown and country than Germans, French and the like. It is also with these communities that we have historic links and when the chips were down, only these communities stood shoulder to shoulder and helped defend the empire and the free world with their blood and sacrifices more than any other community I can think of.

It is also these communities who make Britain an interesting place to live. Imagine our food without "curry " and music without "Reggae". These successes are not confined to Britain but are now exported across the world from here. Indian food and spices, which are manufactured in Britain, are making their way across Europe and America on a daily basis. The ethnic music is also creating wealth and employment for Britain apart from enriching our cultural lives.

We should all be grateful to those unsung hero who take less out and put more in. I can mention many whites that give nothing back to Britain except a bad name in the world. Without these loyal citizens, our numbers will shrink and in turn our influence within the European Community with fewer MEPs. With the aging population there will be fewer people generating wealth to pay for their upkeep, so lets not bite our nose to spite our face.

Dr Rami Ranger FRSA

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