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August - September 2005

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August - September 2005

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The Indian Rhapsody

by P. Venkataramana

INDIA has always been a land of Destiny for the world in which we live in. Throughout the centuries of evolution of Mankind and the growth of occupation of man as a ‘Business’ in its myriad forms, versions and scales, INDIA has been a major player – at times as a catalyst; at times a path-breaker; often as a path-setter and ever an important cog in the wheel of International trade. History eulogizes the times of this ancient land where man & beast used to co-exist in peace; of times when precious rubies, emeralds, pearls, sapphires & diamonds were placed in huge lots & piles on the ground and sold in barrels; of recent lures of how scores of hundreds of Indian IT personnel helped overcome the y2 -problem ; are manning the Call-centers of advanced nations & have always attracted foreign businesses & adventurers !!!

It is in this background that we shall examine the need for a discerning Investor to dance to the happy tunes of our times and make merry in the super-normal profits bound to spill over in good time! True that to most who had to leave the shores of the Motherland in times of distress and when the Democracy was in its infancy, it all appears to be a fairy tale turning real; but why worry when dreams come true? To the ‘Now - Generation’ of the NRIs (Non-resident Indians), the POIs (Persons of Indian Origin) and the OCBs (Overseas Corporate Bodies), this is a ‘not-to-be-missed-time’ in their lives , especially on the business-front , to establish good relations and to collaborate in any of the umpteen number of avenues which have been opened up including the most attractive Greenfield projects such as Bio-technology, Eco-tourism, IT- enabled projects, semi-conductors, defence production, aviation, health sector, real-estate & construction, heavy infrastructure development projects, cellular & molecular biological research, space missions, remote sensing, scientific, technological & agricultural research, etc.

INDIA has all at once emerged as an indispensable player in world trade, world security as well as in the world of a globalized market. Post-GATT, post-NPT, post – 9 / 11 trade – scenario, post - UN Security Council seat-lobbying, it becomes important for every businessperson to be posted of the current trends, avenues and opportunities available to them in the Indian soil.

The areas of change include the all important policies of governance, administrative – reforms, Irrigation, forests, horticulture, civil supplies, education, housing, power, marketing systems , dairy, poultry – farming, industrial infra – structure, transport , technology, tourism and information systems. An unmistakable feature that signifies the present all – time high ‘most advisable’ tag for investments and forays by new or fresh entrants into the Indian Market would certainly be the ever – increasing urge for growth and further expansion, within the Indian Business Community. Red Tape is a forgotten monster of the past and so has corruption been rooted out in great measures as a result. Deterrent measures like effective monitoring of pivotal positions of power in administrative and policing circles and other seats of power and existence of a Special Authority to hear and try out complaints of corruption by those placed in high and mighty positions; an ever growing tribe of ‘paparazzi’ – style of media ( on the lookout for ‘anti-social’ elements ) act as additional sobering mechanisms in the new dispensation for a Free Trade, Global Connectivity and a Stable Economy. Success has been the hallmark even in areas as far removed as electricity and horticulture .Every venture in these ‘uppity’- times amply demonstrates the stability of this great marketplace: it also amply demonstrates the giant strides being made in developing the Economy and living standards of its population. Under the new set-up at the helm of affairs which has a most impressive world-class prime minister, finance minister and supporting team of able, experienced bureaucrats and policy-makers, every pound or dollar invested in Indian Business is bound to fetch safe, sure and solid returns. Surely, this is the Indian Rhapsody .

The overall thrust remains focused; enthusiasm towards moving up the value-chain remains as zealous; the charm and excitement that define ‘doing– business- with - India’ cannot be ignored. Do join the Celebration of life in this street of the world-market. Discover the joys for yourself …!!!

(This column would endeavor to provide important segments of attractive investment available in different parts of India in the March Ahead to Progress , Plenty and Prosperity. It would also seek to provide an insider-view on the growth-potential as also the attainments on various business-collaborations).

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