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December 2005 - January 2006

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December 2005 - January 2006



From: Dr. Rami Ranger MBE
Long Drive,
Greenford, UB6 8UH

Dear Sir
Re: When in Rome, do as the Romans.

When in Rome, do as the Romans, or else you risk being left on the fringes of society.
The riots in France are the result of two societies living side by side – one progressing with the world, while the other remains at the mercy of God.

If people move to a country which is based on a two-income economy then they must also adopt this practice or risk being left behind by the masses. In the West, a majority of husbands and wives go out to work in order to meet the high cost of living. However, individuals who decide not to send their wives out to work for their own religious and cultural beliefs must realize the consequences of this decision. First, they will be with a partner who will not move with society as they are staying at home all day. Second, women who do not go out to work, on average, have larger families. How do you square with one income and more children against two incomes and those families with fewer children? As a result you will not be able to afford better education, housing or a higher standard of living with a single income?

We are judged by the company we keep. If we keep the company of an uneducated person who has limited knowledge and experience of the outside world, then we too will become disadvantaged in society.  A partner who is not capable of sharing responsibility will become a liability instead of an asset. This will in turn increase the burden on the other partner.

Most importantly, women also do not get the opportunity to interact with people of other religions, cultures and nationalities and hence, are unable to develop a better understanding of all those who also make up our society. As a consequence they cannot give a wholesome upbringing to their children or make them tolerant or give them the real picture of society as a whole.  As a rule when one does not know or have the experience of something, then one has nothing to convey to others.
Ironically the solutions to every major problem in life are very simple and cost effective. Even in this case the solution is closer than we think and the simple solution is we must give equality to women for our own survival. They must be treated as equal and if given an equal chance for education and employment, I can guarantee that the world will be a better place for everyone. Imagine if the husband dies prematurely and leaves an uneducated wife with a large family, ill prepared to deal with the harsh world outside. What chance will the children have?  The chances are that they may become a burden on society as they will not have an equal chance of survival with other children whose parents were both bread winners. 

It is the responsibility of politicians and religious leaders to act now, or they should brace themselves for riots in every city in the West. Those who appear to be politically correct may cost the country a great deal for their stance. 
You have been warned

Yours sincerely
Dr Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA

From Vasudev Patel
33 Weighton Road
Harrow Weald HA3 6HY

Dear Sir
I enjoy reading India Link International. You have balanced reporting on various issues relating to Indian community. One issue you should identify in your next issue is the need for crematorium for Hindu community in Harrow. This is an important issue, and Harrow Council must be approached by Hindu associations in Harrow. I hope the Harrow Council policy makers would listen to this demand of the Hindus in Harrow.

Yours sincerely
Vasudev Patel

From Ismat J. Amin
Barnshurst, Kent

Dear Editor
A Muslim Perspective on the Story of Jesus
In the wake of September the 11th, invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Muslims have been persecuted in western countries especially in America and Britain. It is very difficult to live in this country without encountering hostility from locals when you tell them that you are a practising Muslim. I’ve even encountered outright racism against me for praying. I have seen countless programmes on TV giving a distorted picture of Islam. Mel Gibson’s emotional film ‘The Passion of Christ’ has made people more aware of the crucifixion of Jesus more than ever because of his graphic portrayal of his death and the fact that it is in Aramaic. I have also been watching the art critic Tim Marlow’s ‘Easter on Art’ on TV. I would like to give your readers a Muslim perspective of the even of the crucifixion. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet and not the son of God (which to us is blasphemous). We call Jesus ‘Hajrat Issah Allaia Salaam’, and we do not believe that he died on the cross. God (Alah) would never abandon one of his prophets and make him suffer so immensely. He was taken to Heaven the day before he was supposed to have died and a common thief who looked like him put in his place. Hence there is no question of Jesus dying to save the souls of the rest of mankind and the existence of the Trinity. Everyone on this Earth pays for their sins and is rewarded for their good deeds and so no one can take their sins away for them. He will return on the Day of Judgement hence his Resurrection; but then the whole world and mankind will be Muslims.

We also believe that Jesus was a Muslim as Christianity in the original form was similar to Islam. The Bible is man-made and is distorted out of propotions whereas the Quoran has been recited to Prophet Mohammed by Angel Gabriel which he memorised and then later documented. That is why we do not change the Quoran. You may call it medieval but at least it is not distorted while both the Bible and Torah are; hence there are so few true believers amid followers of these books. Islam at the moment is politicised. In its true form it is peace loving and pluralistic. Muslims who follow their religion properly and understand the Quoran are good and fair individuals.

Yours sincerely
Isat J. Amin
(teacher & freelance journalist)

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