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February - March 2004

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February - March 2004

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Interview with Dr Rami Ranger FRSA, CEO, Sea, Air & Land Forwarding Ltd & Sun Oil Ltd

Dr. Rami Ranger FRSA, CEO of Sea Air & Land Forwarding Ltd and Sun Oil Ltd, tells us about his rise up the entrepreneurial ladder. They say that it takes guts, determination and a sharp eye to succeed.

If this is the mould that produces the ultimate business guru, then Dr Rami Ranger fits the mould perfectly. From a very humble beginnings he now runs two of Britain's successful Companies, one specializing in Shipping and Forwarding and the other in the marketing of consumer products.

Rami was born to a Sikh family in Gujrenwala, (then united India) on 3rd July 1947. He is part of a large family and is the youngest of eight children - seven brothers and one sister.

Rami's father, Shaheed Nanak Singh was a prominent leader in Multan who advocated against the partition of India. He was the President of the Minority Federation, President of the Sikh community and Vice President of the Bar Association Multan. He was martyred on the 5th March 1947 while trying to save 600 students of DAV College who were demonstrating against the partition of India. The students were saved though Rami sadly lost his father on that ominous day. His widowed mother, Harbans Kaur moved to Patiala in Punjab with her eight young children and took up a teaching post in the local school. She was honoured with the title " the proudest mother" as five of her sons went on to serve as commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Forces. She was also honoured by the Governor of Punjab for being a teacher of outstanding merit.

Rami arrived in the UK in 1971 after graduating from Punjab University, Chandigarh, He started his career in a fast food chain and then went into partnership in business, which dissolved after 18 months. He then decided to go it alone. Rami says, " with any venture, the early stages of establishing a business are always difficult and the initial rewards few and far between. There is a lot of hard work and long hours at work when you start things from scratch". Rami started Sea Air & Land Forwarding Ltd with a capital of £2.00 and a £40.00 typewriter from a small office in Hayes. With sheer determination and commitment to excellence, his business and customer base grew with rapid speed. In 1999, the entrepreneur further expanded to set up a new marketing company - Sun Oil Ltd. " I realize that I was sitting on a goldmine with a global customer base. Instead of just helping to ship the goods, I decided also to start sourcing goods for my clients". The turnover steadily grew to over 20 million pounds and continues to grow. His philosophy is that he is not successful until his clients succeed. He ensures their success and in turn succeeds himself.

His vision does not stop just here. He is now producing quality products under his own brand name like Laser, Pure Heaven, Golden Country, Comfi, Royalty, English Breeze and so on. His success has brought the Company the highest award from Her Majesty the Queen - The Queen's Award for Export Achievement. He also received the Asian Achiever Award and was a semi finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst & Young. His Company is amongst the fastest growing Companies in Britain.
Rami's commitment does not limit itself just to business. He firmly believes that it is everyone's duty to contribute positively to the society in which they live. He is the Joint Secretary of the Nargis Dutt Research and Relief Society, a Trustee of The India Development Trust, Patron of Preston University (Middlesex Campus), Executive Member of the International Punjabi Society and the Punjabi Society of British Isles.
He also advocates that Indians should take an active interest in politics. We cannot expect others to protect us and safeguard our interests as well as when we are ourselves involved in the decision making process of policies that affect us all.

Rami is the Director General of the Parliamentary Friends of India and General Secretary of the British Asian Conservative Link. He is also planning to stand as a Conservative party candidate for Parliament at the next General Election.

He is happily married to Renu who takes an active part in managing the business with him. His eldest daughter Reena and her husband Harmeet have also joined the business, Amita is studying (4th year) medicine at Imperial college and the youngest Sabina, is at school in Hertfordshire.

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