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February - March 2006

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February - March 2006



The Editor,


The recent controversy raised by Smt Varinda Karat of an equally controversial Communist Party (CPM) against the world renowned Indian patriot, Swami Ramdev has once again highlighted the urgent need of a national debate.

Sadly, the central government of India led by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) are continually seen to be compromising issues of national importance by capitulating to fellow “secularists“.

The communist parties (CPI & CPM) are renowned for their anti-national policies. History will substantiate that (CPI & CPM) failed to support the Chinese and Pakistani invasions, greenisation the Indian culture and also, by failing to support those against the swamping of India with Bangladeshis.

The main concern of these so-called secularists is not the promotion, propagation and glorification of the ancient Ayurvedic (knowledge of life) and YOGA, thus inspiring a world-wide healthy society, but that such national awareness advocated by the patriotic sage would certainly lead to the erosion of their political base.

I believe people carrying out similar anti-national policies out ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Yours sincerely
Rajinder Chopra.

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