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February - March 2006

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February - March 2006


India Development Trust holds World AIDS Day Gala

India Development Trust had a Gala Fund-raising function on 1st December 2005 at Radisson Portman Hotel London. The event was organised to coincide with World AIDS Day, IDT is raising funds to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS, establ­­ish Orphanage and special treatment facility in India. IDT aims to provide care and support by funding the purchase of groundbreaking new technology and through personal visits to severely affected parts of India. Mr. Ranjan Mathai, Deputy High Commissioner for India in London attended the function.

Dr. Prem Sharma, Chairman welcomed the guests and said that the new initiative of IDT is designed to help the fight against HIV/AIDS in India by initiating a programme of prevention, treatment and support for sufferers and their families. Chan Chowdhry , Trustee , India Development Trust said that HIV/AIDS epidemic could undermine the future growth of India. He appealed to all NRI’S and laid out the action plan for Savera as follows:

  • Encourage voluntary testing on site via our mobile units

  • Aim to recruit families to adopt HIV children, AIDS Orphans and drug addicted infants and refer them to adoption agencies

  • Locate HIV infants and children as well as AIDS Orphans, who need homes, from all over India.

  • Maintain an adopted families and children database in our in-house computer.

  • Free mobile phones to be provided to children to access free phone numbers operated by the Emanuel Hospital with whom IDT is linked

  • Locate abandoned HIV infants and AIDS orphans through private and public hospitals, private and public health organizations, social work, and adoption agencies,

Guest Speaker Ms.Rebekah Webb of Global Campaign for Microbicides detailed the progress made so far in developing special gel/crème which will empower women to safeguard against HIV/AIDS infection.

Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health said:
“Fewer than a fifth of those at risk of HIV have access to the most basic prevention services, only one in ten of those living with HIV have been tested and know they are infected, and fewer than one in six of those who need life-saving HIV drugs in low and middle income countries actually receive them.” He concluded his speech by stating, “I congratulate the India Development Trust in recognising the AIDS crisis in India and establishing the Savera Project to help combat the epidemic. This is just the kind of home-grown model that is necessary to fight the disease and sets a good example for others to follow.”

Paul Riat, Chairman Fund Raising Committee was assisted by Mrs Shashi Gossain, Mr Ravi Gidar and Mr Surinder Aujla and a sum of £20,000 was raised .

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