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February - March 2006

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February - March 2006


Annual Lunch of the Indian Forum on British Media

Bombay Palace in the West End of London was the venue for the annual lunch of the Indian Forum on British Media. The Chief Guest was Dr. Rami Ranger MBE who spoke on India’s economic progress and British Media.

Mrs. Pushpa Bhargava, the general secretary of the Forum, welcomed the chief guest, the patron Lord Dholakia and members. She requested the President Mr. Krishan Ralleigh to introduce the chief guest. Explaining the aims and objectives of the Forum, the President Mr. Krishan Ralleigh said that the committee monitors the British Media for any bias in reporting about India. There have been many tendentious reports about India broadcast by the BBC. Even quality newspapers like the Times and the Guardian have written reports about India which are, to say the least, ‘economical with truth’. The Forum writes to these newspapers, pointing out the ‘lies’ being reported as ‘facts’ in their reporting. ‘The picture is not always so bleak”, said Mr. Ralleigh. “As and when the reporting is true and supportive of India’s economic progress, we write to the newspapers appreciating the reports.”

He was glad that Dr. Rami Ranger had ageed to be the main speaker at their annual lunch. A man of vision, Dr. Rami Ranger is practical in his approach and an idealist in his thinking. He does not mince words if he has to criticise any thing wrong being done in the community. And he is always generous in his praise if the work being done is worthwhile.

Dr Rami Ranger, in his address, pointed out that the pace of India’s economic progress would have been faster if the country had not been divided in 1947. The partition did not solve any problem. It divided the people of the same country who are always looking up to the West for more armament to fight each other. The poverty of the sub-continent could only be eradicated when the two countries, India and Pakistan cooperate with each other in economic development. The British Media has not yet reconciled itself with the free democratic India which is now economically and militarily powerful enough to safeguard its freeedom and provide employment and basic necessities of life to its masses. It is time, emphasised Dr. Rami Ranger, that the British media take note of India’s economic progress and give factual information about India’s growing economy. The day is not far when India will be one of the top five economic powers of the world.

Welcoming Dr Rami Ranger, Lord Navnit Dholakia, one of the patrons of the IFBM, pointed out that Dr Rami Ranger was one of those leaders of the community who readily responded to the needs of the community. He would never hesitate in supporting the right causes. His love for his motherland has been inherited from his late father Shaheed Nanak Singh who gave his life for the freedom and unity of the country. The function ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Chandru Malkani.

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