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April - May 2006

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April - May 2006


Milestone for India and India Link International

by Krishan Ralleigh

We at India Link International take pride in the fact that its lifespan of 12 years and six months coincides with the liberalisation of the Indian economy. Manmohan Singh was then the finance minister in Narasimha Rao’s cabinet. Today, the country under his stewardship is moving forward rapidly, not only economically but politically as well. The recent nuclear deal with the United States in spite of strong opposition from the left parties is a bold and far-sighted decision. It will, undoubtedly, put India on the fast track towards self-sufficiency in energy and up-to-date infrastructure.

India Link International has also taken great strides in the last twelve years or so. The magazine is now read by successful Indians not only in England but all over the world, thanks to our dedicated team of journalists, business advisers and advertisers who are invariably successful business leaders in their own right. That is why they recognised the importance of advertising with us. Thanks to our online edition we have received subscriptions from as far afield as Iran and Nigeria. Our print edition traverses the world.

The launching of the magazine on 16 March in Dubai is definitely a milestone for the team of India Link International. There were seven of us, Mr DM Patel, our Business adviser, Mr Raj Kapoor, our Business editor, Mr Sushank Bannerjee, our foreign affairs correspondent, Dr. Chandru Malkani, our religious affairs editor and I, accompanied by our wives, who landed in Dubai on the 16th of March. The launch was done in the midst of the great razzmatazz of a Charity Fashion Show organised by the forward-looking elite of the Indian community in Dubai under the umbrella of ‘Dubai Sindhi Saheli Group’.

The Indian community in Dubai has been in the forefront of the economic progress of Dubai, a part of United Arab Emirate (UAE). The enthusiastic reception given to our team is an auspicious sign of things to come. Dubai at present is pulsating with the energy of a young adult keen to explore the world. The highly enlightened ruler of Dubai has envisaged the future prosperity of the country and the role of the Indian community. It will be our duty to provide a strong like to the Indian community in Dubai. Struggles and successes of the first generation Indian immigrants in Dubai has been a key factor in the economic prosperity of Dubai. Indians living in Dubai have freedom to observe their religious festivals. Our team was invited to one Holi festival prayers attended by almost five hundred people. The ruler has provided peace and security. Any economic progress is possible only when these two ingredients - peace and security - exist.

India in her last 58 years of independence has suffered four wars, one against China and three against Pakistan. A democratic system of government tends to give wrong signals of fissiparous tendencies and weak governments, especially when there are too many parties fighting for power. Hence the neighbouring dictators, to control their own population, indulge in military adventures beyond their borders. Hopefully, the nuclear deal with the United States will strengthen Indian economy to the extent that adventurous attacks from our neighbours will become more rare. India needs peace and security for its rapid economic progress.

The role of the Bharatya Janata Party, as a strong alternative government is crucial. It is a fact that two-party system provides more stable governments. Indian political leaders have to rise above their regional, caste and creed loyalties to strengthen the two major parties that provide enough political choice to Indian electorate. The BJP leadership has recently played a responsible role as the main party in opposition. It has supported Manmohan Singh when national interest has called for it, especially in India’s foreign relations. It is time that the Congress party should also recognise that the country needs a strong two-party system for the sake of stability and peace in the country.

We, at India Link International, will keep on striving to present before the world the success stories of India and Indians overseas, in whichever part of the world they live and work. These are indeed exciting times.

Our subscribers in Dubai will find India Link International stimulating reading and a forum for discussion of problems - social, economic, political and educational - that people of Indian origin are facing all over the world. India is a dynamic subcontinent. Its film industry, food and fashion have gradually found a respectable niche in the Middle East and the West. People of Indian origin, wherever they live, find themselves in familiar social environment today; and are proud of their roots. None of us has wiped off the memory of the land of our birth. Rather the opposite has happened. Love of the country of origin is more conspicuous and acute. Problems and their solutions have taken on a new meaning and a new urgency. Our readers keep on asking questions. We at India Link International are trying to find answers. Let us initiate debates, hoping that such debates will generate more light than heat. This journal provides a forum and a source material for knowledge and understanding of India as a member of International community and offers its services for the great cause of India’s progress and prosperity.

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