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April - May 2006

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April - May 2006



Balwant Grewal (by email)

Dear Mr Ralleigh

I read your India Link Feb/March issue with great interest and some of the articles are highly commendable.

To start with, a commentary by Mr K. Dutt. I think Mr Dutt portrayed our centuries old Yoga (abbyas ) by Baba Ramdev ji  very well. Dutt Ji told the story from start to the end in a very professional manner Please ask him to contribute such articles more often.

The article by Mr Bhupindra Gandhi was worth reading. Specially the Reincarnation of river Saraswati. What a wonderful dream came true? Mr Modi and his government deserve every bit of the credit. I damn care which party is in power, as long as it delivers for the betterment of people to whom it represents.

The other one is Europe and India by Euro M.P. Mr Robert Evans. It is an eye openning artticle. People like him should be invited more often by our organizations. please request him for more.
With best wishes
Balwant Grewal


Dear Sir

A Brilliant Piece of Journalism

I would like to congratulate Shri Krishan Dutt for his brilliant and informative article about the Ayurvedic medicine dispensed by Yogi Ramdevji’s pharmacy at Kankhal near the city of Haridwar. This is an investigative journalism at its best and the article will put the minds of those people who take these medicines at ease, knowing that the tirades by Ms. Brinda Karat against the medicine and the Guru was no more than politics of envy.

The politicians and the members of the various Communist parties of India are not only anti Hindu but their loyalties lies not with India and the Indians.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who has just returned from Bengal. Visiting an office of a Communist party, she was surprised to see the statues and photographs of Mao, Castro and Lenin but not that of Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar or even Subashchandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore?

It is not surprising that various anti Hindu organizations would like to bring down Baba Ramdevji, as he is becoming popular day by day and will soon have a following to match that of Gandhiji at the height of his popularity.

Aastha Channel is the most widely watched Indian TV channel in the West. Practically every one I know watches it, follows Swamiji and does breathing exercise on a regular basis, improving their health and feeling much better generally.

The article by Krishan Dutt is so well written and informative that I feel it should be read by every one who watches Aastha Channel and follows Swamiji. The other interesting piece and features I enjoyed reading in the last issue of India Link were your editorial, Guilin, a paradise in China by Bajrang Mathur, From Far & Near by Bhupendra Gandhi and your regular features.
I look forward for the next issue of India Link with eagerness and anticipation.

Yours truly,
Kumudini D. Valambia

Kurt Metzer
Alexandra Avenue,Harrow, Middx.

Dear Sir

I am not the only person who believes that the USA under its present president makes blunder after blunder in the Middle East. Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair only echo President Bush’s voice!

The restrictions on portraying the Prophet Mohammad are NOT fundamenalist. Even in the extremely tolerant Caliphate of Cordova 1100 years ago they applied! The original reason was not to protect the reputation of the Prophet - it was to prevent icons or images of the Prophet being worshipped as icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and other saints, were worshipped in the Byzantine Empire, which was called Iconolatry! The Prophet himself always insisted he was an ordinary human being - He was the messenger - it was the message - The Koran - which was sacred!

“Islamophobia” is a silly Greek work! For centuries Islam - in Spain, in Baghdad, in the Ottoman Empire - was the most advanced and tolerant religion in the western world. Today there are enormous differences within the Muslim world - only very silly and ignorant people can hate them all - but the USA is full of such people!!

My religious beliefs are, and always were complex and individual. I agree with your reader Mr Hemant Patel that Hindu philosophy is easier to reconcile with scientific method than much that is current in the west - although Einstein was not a founder of the Quantum Theory and disliked the Heisenberg/Schroedinge indeterminacy principle! Contrary to Einstein, God does play and dice!
But my beliefs would not matter in the Gaza strip, and if I walked down the high street in Gaza, even if I wore my Cambridge old millhillian tie, I would probably be killed as a Jew!!

Yours etc.
Kurt Metzer

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