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June - July 2006

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June - July 2006



From Ishwerbhai Patel
Durrant Court, Harrow Weald, Harrow

Dear Sir
I was most impressed with India Link, its glossy finish and in- depth articles contributed by well known authors, and regular columns by Krishan Dutt, B.Mathur and others. I recommend it to all our friends and acquaintances. I wish and pray that IL is read by vast members of the Indian community.
I am so happy to read Bhupendra Gandhi’s articles; and must congratulate you for giving him his regular column “From Far and Near”, which we all read with interest and anticipation. We specially enjoyed his articles on culture and Hindu mythology.
I may be getting sentimetal in my twilight years(early eighties); but can not help remembering the immortal song sung by my favourite singer late Mukesh “Do din ke leeye meheman yahan: Maloom nahi manzil he kahan”(We are all guests on this earth for a few days; no one knows what our final detination is .)
Yours truly
Ishverbhai Patel

To the Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,
One man’s poison is another man’s meat.
I have listened with interest to the recent debate about mercy killing. I have also heard some very interesting statements from the Men of God that doctors should kill the pain and not the patient. I have never come across a doctor who has entered his profession with a view not to kill the pain and suffering of his fellow human beings.
It is also easy to make statements which are designed to be politically correct. The reality is that doctors reluctantly agree to end a patient’s life when there is no further treatment possible and the patients and family are suffering unnecessarily. This tragic action is always taken as a last resort and with the approval of all concerned.
On the other hand, if the person is kept alive just in body and not in spirit and personal dignity and made to suffer, then one man’s pain can become another man’s gain. When more pain and suffering is generated in the world the more we will all turn to the representatives of God for comfort, peace and hope.
I recall watching on TV, a holy man dressed in an ornate robe visiting the slums in an air-conditioned car protected by bodyguards. He was preaching to these miserable people not to use contraceptives against AIDS or family planning. He was saying that life is God’s gift and must be preserved at any cost. I felt that what he was saying was that as long as you are in this state, you will always look to me for salvation.
The irony is that the holy men rely on donations from these people who are suffering yet they are told how they should lead their lives and connect with their maker.
In this world, a person with a little brain is ruled by one with a bigger brain. In my opinion there are two types of people who have a bigger brain than the rest of us – holy men and politicians. We all know that politicians have double standards- one for the public and one for themselves. Very few politicians are like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who practiced what they preached. Similarly, holy men expect us to live in poverty and in shanty towns whereas they themselves live in palatial dwellings.
Dr.Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA
428 Long Drive
Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8UH

From: Sudershan Sood
166 Staines Rd.
Bedfont, Middx.

Dear Sir
I refer to the Feb/March Issue of your magazine, the well-written articles, colour photographs and the general layout I find very appealing.
I take this opportunity to say that the report on Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and his Yoga lectures in India as presented by Shri Krishan Gopal Dutt is very good. This movement for physical fitness and spiritualism for the common man in India and other countries of the world is gaining a lot of public support; and your publishing this special feature is most commendable.
I also see that India Link has improved a lot in that now it carries authoritative articles and reports by professional writers such as Sri Dutt, whose Commentary page is excellent. Also, colour illustrations gives your magazine an added appeal.
With the best of wishes
Yours sincerely
Sudershan Sood

From Viren Dhulia
3 Parklands Parade
Bath Road, Hounslow.

Dear Sir
I have read with great interest India Link magazine of the Feb/March issue, and among the well-written articles and reports find Krishan Dutt’s commentary column to be an excellent one.
To my knowledge your magazine is the only Asian publication in the UK to have given such a wide coverage to the unique Yoga health campaign by Swami Ramdevji in Kankhal, Haridwar, and described so well by Mr Dutt.
It is nice to know that this health-promotion programme through Yoga in India is for people of all nationalities and religions, and is shown in over 170 countries. Krishan Gopal Dutt is absolutely right when he says that this is a ‘colossal campaign for healthcare and peace worldwide’, and I look forward to seeing more articles of this kind in your excellent magazine.
Yours truly
Viren Dhulia

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