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December 2006 - January 2007

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December 2006 - January 2007

Political News

Is China using Pakistan and North Korea in her Political Games?

by Dr S. K. Das

In light of China’s apparent support of North Korea’s illegal development of its nuclear weapons programme it would seem that China is manipulating the political situation between India and Pakistan and Japan and America to further its own international ambitions. By refusing to support UN sanctions on North Korea they are effectively allowing their communist neighbour to continue their nuclear development almost freely against the will of the rest of the world.

China is playing both sides by declaring that North Korea’s A-Bomb is not very accurate and will probably take many years to develop into a fully mature delivery system that is capable of threatening targets like North America. This conveniently exempts them from taking any action by claiming that there is no problem. Also, since 1999, China and Pakistan have been spreading rumours throughout the world that India’s atomic power is equivalent to Pakistan’s, thereby undermining India’s GDP growth whilst encouraging their own. By spreading these rumours, China is ensuring that the US, Japanese and Indian governments are spending more money on improving defence capabilities rather than on social development and GDP growth where it is most needed.

Furthermore, the Pakistan A-Bomb is based on Uranium, which requires frequent updates to its fissile material to maintain its effectiveness. North Korea’s bomb, however, is based on Plutonium, which requires less frequent updates to its fissile material. Hence China’s contributions to the Pakistani and North Korean bomb programmes are unremarkable as all of this technology has been known to China for years (since the Cold War era when they had a lot of contact with the Soviet Union).

It should also be noted that Pakistan has been developing her own atomic bomb since the 1990s and her own scientists have been actively proliferating this knowledge to countries such as Iran, Libya, North Korea and who-knows-where ever since, even though the US has since dubbed most of these nations as ‘rogue nations’ and ‘threats to world security’. It is also to be noted that the members of the Pakistani atomic ‘club’ were also engaged in proliferating the atomic weapons since one of their scientists illegally obtained sensitive information on the use of centrifuges to enrich uranium, whilst he was being trained in the Netherlands. The US intelligence agencies even went as far as revealing that China was supporting the development of Pakistani nuclear programmes for both civil and defence purposes, but they conveniently chose to do nothing to stop it.

So based on this evidence, is it actually China or North Korea that is the greater threat to world security?

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