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October - November 2006

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October - November 2006


Brahma Kumaris - Spiritual University

by Krishan Ralleigh

This year, the Brahm Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) has been celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since its inception, it has pioneered a unique approach to understanding spiritual knowledge and its practical application. Giving a modern relevance to universal truths that were first taught in India, the university believes we should endeavour to remain peaceful and positive at all times, even in the most adverse situations. The teachings show people exactly how this can be done and applied to everyday life – whether it’s at home, at work or in personal life.

The BKWSU was originally founded in India in 1936 and its World Headquarters are in Mount Abu, in the Aravali mountains of Rajasthan. Whilst the overwhelming majority of members are Indian-based, there are now over 9,000 Brahma Kumaris centres in nearly 100 countries. Global Co-operation House in North West London, is the busy International Co-ordinating Office for the organisation.

Each week, all over the UK and all over the globe, Brahma Kumaris run hundreds of free classes, talks and retreats on Meditation, Positive Thinking, Self-Managing Leadership, Stress-free Living and Self-Esteem. The BKs also have a ‘high street presence’ in the UK with their Inner Space meditation centres (

Unusually for a spiritual organisation - or university - women have since the very beginning been placed in all the major leadership roles. Dadi Janki, who is Additional Administrative Head of BKWSU and based in London, is one of the twelve United Nations Keepers of Wisdom, who are called on to advise the UN at times of conflict. Dadi Janki maintains an unrivalled daily lecture and touring schedule even today, at age 90. Over the past decade she has travelled world–wide almost incessantly, inspiring and engaging with people from grass roots to government leaders.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the BKWSU is launching a global initiative to promote personal and global change through the power of a peaceful and silent mind. It will promote how using even a single minute to focus on the self can produce dramatic changes in the individual’s ability to cope and thrive in challenging situations. Just A Minute was launched at Wembley Arena on 17 September 2006.

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