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October - November 2006

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October - November 2006


Interview: Bulbul Banerjea - Homeopathy consultant well grounded in human psychology

by Krishan Ralleigh

This is an inspirational story of a young Bengali Brahmin 'charming' girl who got married to a Marine Engineer in India at the age of 19 years, and who came up a long way of success to graduate as a Professional Homeopath in London and starting a new career all by her Husband's and her own efforts. Today like their parents in India, they have earned a respectable position in the new country.

Bulbul’s father Mr Jiban Krishan Ghoshal, a gold medallist in mathematics, was a defence scientist working with the ministry of Defence in India. For a while, he worked under the famous scientist Satyen Bose. He is credited with the invention of a special type of parachute for the Indian army. Her mother, Geeta Ghoshal, is highly educated and cultured lady, involved in social work.

Bulbul's Husband Manoj Bandyopadhyay, is a Marine Engineer, and runs successfully his own Company in Marine Shipping and is flourishing well in his export-import business, in UK, Middle East, States and India. He was also working as a Company Manager with Tata Steel, Birla, Essar and Reliance Shipping Industry. His father was a Chartered Accountant, working with a famous British Company.

The couple has always been involved in a lot of charity work and are quite devoted as members of Lions Club in Central London. Manoj has even been honoured and awarded the 'Melvin Jones Fellowship ' Award on Humanitarian grounds.

Sitting comfortably in Mrs. Banerjea’s lounge, I asked, "When and how did you get interested in Homeopathy as a career?"

"Well, Homeopathy has always been very close to my heart. To my best knowledge, no other branch of medical science can do what Homeopathy does. There is simply no alternative. I studied and did lot of research, collected evidence of cure, met people who responded to it positively; and then only I decided to adopt it as a career. It is purely holistic; an energetic form of treatment based on the law of similar. The best thing about homeopathic treatment is that it resonates with the whole person and initiates a curative process. It is a healing art that promotes the natural unfolding of the soul and other spiritual and psychic aspects of human personality. It is like a cool breeze bringing freshness in one’s room."

"Did you have any personal experience of the effective remedies offered by Homeopathy?"

"O’yes!" said Bulbul with an assertive voice. "It has saved my life on many occasions. Ever since my childhood days, my parents had a stock of allopathic and homeopathy remedies. And I found that homeopathy treatment always worked better on me. Allopathic treatment brought some serious side effects. Once I remember a very serious disease left me with crippling side effects, as I was administered steroids. This brought devastating side effects resulting in infertility for life. Switching over to homeopathic treatment has made me healthy again. "Did you get full co-operation from your family (husband, parents etc) or were they sceptical about your career?"

"Of course, yes. I consider myself lucky that my parents provided me ample opportunities. My parents were well educated in medical science and had thorough knowledge and experience of homeopathy. Also in my family there are doctors from all fields. My father made sure that I get the best education available; so selecting a medical career was never a problem. With God’s grace my husband is one step ahead of my parents regarding education. After marriage, he fully supported my educational ambitions and my career in homeopathy. After specialising in homeopathy, he was my first patient. And it worked well."

"Can Homeopathy ever be a complete medical science?" I queried.

"No branch of medical science can ever be complete", affirmed Bulbul. “In allopathy, there are experiments and research all the time, sometimes with drastic results. In homeopathy, there are no disastrous results. It is a science as well as an art. It is purely based on strict principles set by Dr. S. Hahnemann himself. They never change. These are based on the philosophy of the highest ideal of Cure. It is cure from within, and it is rapid, gentle and permanent. It aims at removing disease from the body system. There is an innate life force, which overpowers the diseased human body’s, own immune system and restores its health. In other words, homeopathy helps the human system to cure itself from its own inner healing power. And that is what is known as permanent well-being, which is holistic in approach, based on well-being of human psychology and healthy Vital Force or the divine Force that keeps us going!"

"Can homeopathy ever treat very serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer etc."

"Since homeopathy is a 200 year old therapeutic system that uses small doses of substance to stimulate auto-regulation of body system, nothing is impossible in homeopathy." Even cancer is being treated successfully by a complex called ‘biogenius’ after long research. I was impressed by Mrs. Banerjea’s experience and knowledge and wished her success in her chosen field.

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