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December 2006 - January 2007

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December 2006 - January 2007



From: Dr. Rami Ranger

Dear Sir

I would like to support the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw MP, Leader of the House for raising a very valid concern about memberof our community who choose to wear the veil. I also feel that he hanot been disrespectful to Muslim women; instead he haasked them to feel equal to otherin our society. There are many wayone can feel proud of one’religion and culture and those customwhich can put uat a disadvantage need to be looked at carefully especially when we choose to live in different countriewhere different ruleare needed for succes.

In Britain, equality for men and women iessential for the succesof the family and country aa whole. Imagine if one arrivefrom a hot country to a colder country and then refuseto adapt to the needof the new country. Their progreswill be very difficult indeed. Women who wear the veil aa mark of modesty are unwittingly keeping themselveat a di-advantage when it cometo becoming a professional like doctor, teacher, judge etc. Thiwill also be reflected in the succesof their familie. By encouraging our mother, sisterand wiveto cover themselvefrom head to toe ia statement of fact that they are not equal to uwhen they actually are.  

I will also urge politiciannot to play politicwith thisensitive and important issue which affectall of u, including the future of Britain. We cannot have two societieliving side by side – one on the main stream and the other on the fringe– not taking advantage of what the country hato offer to uall. We are judged by the company we keep and if we do not encourage women to progresside by side then we will not be able to compete with those who do. God forbid, if the woman ileft alone with a large family and unable to deal with the complexity of the modern world, then regrettably the state will have to foot the bill – that mean, we the taxpayernot to mention the difficultietheir children will face in thitough and uncaring world.

Those politicianwho appear politically correct in order to win voteare actually destroying the very fabric of our society which made ugreat in the first place. Muslimare now a part of Britain and the world. They are equal and those who would like to treat them otherwise are harming not only their cause but also that of world peace. We must all move in the same direction for harmony or make an effort to accommodate each other in thiever shrinking world. We had no choice in which religion we were born in to but we do have a choice ato how we treat each other especially when we are all created by God.

It ia fallacy to think that ladiewho wear the veil are better because they appear modest, and not those who do not the wear veil but work for uadoctorand nurseserving mankind including those who wear veil.


Dr. Rami Ranger MBE

Dear Sir,



Whilst appreciating the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, leader of the House for raising the stakein the debate over Muslim veila few dayago by calling for women to stop wearing full-face coveringaltogether.

Though, Jack Straw’concern wasupported by Muslim ladieincluding the BaronesUddin, Jemima Khan, who converted to Islam prior to her marriage, awell a, the controversial left-winger writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. He added that women who wore the veil were a barrier to good race relationand called the head-covering a visible demonstration of separatenes‘that wadriving white and Muslim communitiein to "parallel live"

No doubt, most political leaderthough appreciating hicourage in initiating a debate on thicontroversial and human right issue concerning the British women have distanced themselvefor fear of alienating their constituent. But failure to addresthe issue and how best to support and promote community cohesion among people of all faithwould certainly prove highly detrimental to good race relation.

Rajinder Chopra, London

From: Sashank Banerjee


Revival of Relgionin

the 21st Century

I have no doubt that the thought-provoking article in the comment page of The Timedated October 27 written by the learned Mr Rowan William, The Archbishop of Canterbury will lead to intense and wide ranging debate on the subject of world-wide religiourevivalism in the 21st century.

The circumstancethat have led to religiourevivalism in present-day Russia and increasingly underway in China respectively after 70 and 60 yearof Communism founded on the Hegelian rejection of God are very different from the lurch towarda creeping rejection of secularism in the West today. It ievident that  Communism failed to kill man'inherent craving for spiritual wellbeing. The noteworthy feature ithat the return to religion ia response to totalitarian oppression that haceased to exist ain the case of Russia or ifast waning under the pressure of materialism aithe case with China.

Contemporary Western society ifacing a different problem altogether. The return to religion from secularism ia response to a present-day reality. The Church had no part to play in thidevelopment. Athe post-industrial society advanced, not an unexpected fall out wathat, Church attendence grew sparse. Rationalism, if not outright atheism, seemed to be taking hold of the majority populationin Britain, France, Germany and so on. Acosy complacency wasetting in, European societiecame face to face with an aggravated version of a security threat from Islamic extremism and the menacing phenomenon of suicide bombingtargetting the liberal democratic societie. 7/11 terror attackin the streetof London killing 52 innocent people wathe high noon of thievolving new threat. Amilitant Islam declared that it wanted to dominate the world, a deeply-felt fear psychosigripped the mindof ordinary people all over Europe. Western civilisation, so the argument goe, iunder threat and unlesthe society radically undergoechange it cannot be saved from ruin and extinction. Thiperception changed everything. Britain inot a secular state because the Head of State ithe Head of the Anglican Church - Anglican Protestantism ithe State religion - but it ialso a secular society ano other in the world i, because of ittolerance and understanding to other religion. It isad that some see in such tolerance asymptomatic of the weaknesof the society. Historically the Burqa of Afghanistan, the Niqab of Saudi Arabia, the Abaya of Iran and so on are different varietieof pre-Islamic tribal drescodein these societie. Athese body coverare increasingly used by Muslim women in the streetof Britain, most non-Muslimsee them apolitical statementof defiance. The Quran makeno reference to anything called a Muslim dres-code, it simply askMuslim women to dresproperly. Similarly, the word Mullah ialso not mentioned in The Quran. They have merely usurped power after the fall of the Calipahte and are setting the contemporary political agenda of militant Islam. Islam'radicalised political agenda iwhat people are afraid of and the return to religion ithe consequence of thifear-psychosi.

The need of the hour ia grasroot reality check of how best to secure the nation'long-term security and social cohesion and harmony.  It ia political challenge that needpolitical solution. Learned discourse needto be persued with caution lest itimisunderstood. It will be good for all mankind if the Archbishop of Canterbury can persuade the Islamic World to accept a dose of secularism allowing Christian Churche, Jewish Synagogueand Hindu Templeto function in Saudi Arabia and Iran. To sustain secularism in the West what ineeded ireciprocity from the Islamic world.







Dear Sir,

Your Editorial made interesting reading and am sure it i'food-for-thought' for those in corridorof power , both sideof the gulf,so to speak...With itpowerful insight into the long-standing relationship between INDIA  and Britain ,you Have certainly made those vying for power ,in whichever part of the world, reflect upon the need to not to write off India aa land of poverty & massebut one of plenty of  avenuefor stabilizing affairof State awell aBusines..And truly enough,the Government of India ha rolled out the red-carpet for Foreign Investment ,realising it ia crucial factor to bring about a stable path to economic security ...It haa vast number of entrepreneurwho want to make money and somehow they find a way to do it, overcoming obstacle, bypassing the ghostof bureacracy awell aold-fangled notionin the Kingdom,aelsewhere that India ia land of slum, street-urchin,wild animal& illiteracy ...Every visitor can feel the change & transformation DESPITE & EVEN IN THE MIST OF SLUM...

Doethe World outside India really know the Real India ? That despite itcomplex cultural ,social & economic diversitie& distribution,and apparently incomprehensible democratic-functioning ,it Ithe  the land of opportunity ,Democracy & Decent traditionstill prevail ...There cannot be many parallel in the world where EVEN a slum-dweller would FIRSTLY offer hihome & hearth to a Foreign traveller - a la Indian Hospitality - that cannot be exterminated by suffering or by scarcity ...While on the subject,your Editorial deserveencomiumfor visualising the ill prevailing and trying to call a spade a spade ..factual & realistic reporting by Editorof magazineof the stature & reach of INDIA LINK INTERNATIONAL becomeall important to mould the mind-setof those who are accustomed to leading a happy lifestyle , without worrying for survival or the proverbial 3-square meala day ...CONGRATULATION!...On the other side, it certainly reflectpoor on part of the mandarinin administrative set-up in New Delhi & elsewhere to not to be able to project Resurgent India in ittrue light , even in thiay & age when the whole of the Developed World lookup to it for effective & optimum utilization of the IT- boom,growth & development...However, I would humbly draw the attention of your Esteemed Readership to the following statistic:

# In the first three quarterof 2006,Indian Companieannounced 115 Foreign Acquisition(these investmentare acrossectorfrom Information Technology to BusinesProcesOutsourcing to Liquor).

# WIPRO haacquired companiein Portugal,Finland and in California

# RANBAXY habought Ethimed of Belgium and Mindogen ,the Spainish Genericarm of GSK .

# BHARAT FORGE habought six companiein four countrie,viz; Britain, Germany,Sweden and China .

# SUZION bought Hansen,a Belgian gearbox-maker .

# UB made an unsolicited bid for Whyte and Mackay ,a Scottish Distillery .

# TATA STEEL hajust concluded itacquisition of Coru,a larger Anglo-Dutch rival...

...These are the ambassadorof India  whom policy-makeroutside India ought to be viewing and attempt to collaborate for mutual growth in a bid to alliviate the suffering of an impoverished  Nation whose saga ithat of being plundered of itriche,resource& wealth by 'raider' who mistook 'hospitality' for 'incompetence' or 'impotence' ...THEREFORE, it becomeimportant for any Parliamentarian,Legislator or Captain of Industy sit up and look unto INDIA ,in a new glow ,light and vision  instead of treating itvery capable human resourcea'outcast' or 'paraiah' of the world ...That ithe true ESSENCE of all human endeavour, enterprise & life in a Developed Society .

INDIA LINK INTERNATIONAL should continue to link up the world outside India to what exactly ihappening in itshore. Keep up the good work,Sir!

Thanking you,


P.Venkataramana .

From: Kurt Metzer

Minehead Court

Alexandra Avenue, Harrow Middx.

Dear Sir,

Thiletter ilargely abut Vikram Seth’new book ‘Two Live’. the two liveare those of Shanti B. Seth who studied medicine and dentistry in pre-war Germany, where he met hifuture wife Henny Gerda Caro who waborn into a Berlin Jewish family “cultured, patriotic and intensely German”. They both sufferred from “man’inhumanity to man’ - Shanti Seth joined the British Army Dental Corpand had hiright arm blown off at Monte Cassino and with great courage continued hidental profession with one arm in London. Henny managed to emigrate to England just before World War II, but lost most of her family to the stupid and brutal holocaust. In 1951 she married Shanti - a happy marriage which lasted for some 38 year. The book goeinto detailof family and friendand demonstrateat least one vital point - that many direct or indirect victimof the holocast were not religiouJewand had little interest in Zionism. In fact, the author (who iShanti’nephew) iagainst any state that preferthe adherentof one religion over another. The final illnesseof both partieare described in some medical deail, which may put off the more squeamish!

My own background isimilar but with a lot of differencein deail - Vienna and Prague, not Berliin; and more direct contact with India, where I lived for 7 yearand my father for 15. But particularly aa freemason, my friendincluded Indian dentist(mainly Gujarati, whereathe Sethwre from United Province(Uttar Pradesh); and my universitiewere Cambridge and E.T.H. Zurich, while Shanti studied in Berlin and Edinburgh.

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