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February - March 2004

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February - March 2004


Health Experts Join Forces with Tesco to Launch Food Intolerance Week

More than one in three people suffer from a food allergy or intolerance and many more may do but are unaware of it Health expert and GMTV regular, Liz Tucker, has joined forces with Tesco and food intolerance experts, YORKTEST Laboratories, to highlight the increasing problem of food intolerance and the effects it can have on both mental and physical health during Food Intolerance Week 2004 (26-30 January).

The partnership aims to raise awareness of food intolerance among the public, advise them on how to identify food intolerances and how to cope with this in everyday life. One of the major activities taking place during the week is a regional road show, which will be located at five Tesco stores across the UK to enable the public to find out more about food intolerance. Tesco has chosen the week to launch its new own-label range of Free From foods, which are gluten, wheat and milk free - including some foods previously unavailable to those on a special diet. The range includes hot cross buns, chicken nuggets, dairy-free spreads, sausages and pitta bread

The range is the brainchild of Patricia Wheway, whose son George suffers from multiple food intolerances. After urging Tesco Chief Executive Sir Terry Leahy to introduce a range of Free From products into stores, he asked Patricia to head up the project. Tesco stocks over 150 Free From products, 40 of which are Tesco's own-brand Free From.

YORKTEST Laboratories is a committed supporter of Food Intolerance Week. Through its work, it is acutely aware of the suffering many people endure each year. YORKTEST Laboratories has, through its scientifically proven method for detecting food intolerances, witnessed first hand how a person's life can literally be turned around once an answer to their symptoms has been discovered. It has a number of case studies who are happy to tell you that themselves!

Liz Tucker is both an expert in this area and someone who has personally witnessed how changing, amongst other things, your diet can have a tremendously beneficial effect on your life.

Liz Tucker said:" I was a self confessed workaholic and good health cynic, but was forced to address my own health issues after suffering years of ill health that finally lead to a complete body burn out. After 4 years of severe ME I finally found the path to a healthier life. This motivated me to search for answers to why I had suffered so much.

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