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February - March 2007

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February - March 2007


A Party to Celebrate Religious Festivals to Unite Communities

An informal gathering of prominent members of Pakistani-British, Indian-British and native British community met to celebrate Eid, Diwali and X’mas (all together) in a warm and friendly ambience at the vast mansion of Dr. Ashraf Chauhan. Hosted by Dr. Ashraf Chauhan and his charming wife Romana at their vast mansion in Coombes Lane, Surrey, the gathering turned into a preparatory meeting of the foundation of the Pakistan-India Friendship Forum of Great Britain. Everyone present was enthusiastic about it; and the host, Dr Ashraf Chauhan volunteered to take the responsibility of the General Secretary of the newly-formed Forum. From then on, the warmth among the guests became more noticeable. the sumptuous dinner and singers singing ghazals in their melodious voice made it a lovely evening for the guests. Dr. Rami Ranger, the incumbent Chairman, talked about his dream of seeing the day when the two countries would be great friends like Britain and Germany are today. “We have a common heritage”, said Rami Ranger.

Dr Ashraf & Romana Chauhan

Rami Ranger , Puja Khera & Suman Bhucher; Vijay Ralleigh with Paula Fenwick and guest

L to R: Mohd. Parez Malik (MP Pakistan), Mrs. Malik and guests; Baroness Shreela Flather having a tete-a-tete with Renu Ranger

L toR: Dr Ashraf Chauhan, Avtar Lit,The Rt.Hon. James Arbuthnot MP, Rami Ranger

L to R: Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Mr. Christopher Fenwick & Rami Ranger

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