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February - March 2007

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February - March 2007


Dr Ashok Mehta - A Fruitful Life Dedicated to a Cause

by Krishan Ralleigh

Immediate past international president of the International Association of Lions Clubs during 2005-06, Dr. Ashok Mehta, of Mumbai, India was recently in London to provide moral support to Lions Clubs in various parts of London. His theme “Passion to Excel” summarises the main trait of his character.

Dr Ashok Mehta, chairperson and managing director of a company in India, is actively involved in charitable work in different fields, medical, educational, social and cultural.

A Lions member since 1963, Dr. Mehta has organised more than 30 eye-camps all over India and Africa. He mobilised international support during major catastrophes, including earthquakes and cyclones in India. His peace mission to Pakistan promoted by Lions of the two nations, added to the spirit of building bridges between the people of these countries.

Max Mongia with Kokila Mehta and Dr Ashok Mehta

Ashok Mehta erved on the Campaign Sight First International Committee from 1990-95, collecting US$ 150million for the project. He has also presented papers on sight conservation and other topics at Lions International forums and conventions.

His oustanding leadership and vast contributions to the cause of the Lions has made him extremely popular with his fellow Lions. He has received many awards including Lions clubs’ coveted “President’s medallion”, the Lions International Key Award and Medallion for sponsoring 250 new members and 19 exension awards for organising new clubs. The Jaycees of Mumbai declared him “man of he Year” in 1986. The governent of Maharashtra appointed him to the Senate of Mumbai University where he served on committees for awareness and prevention, as well as Sheriff of Mumbai for a one-year term in 2001. He was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in humanities from the university of the World in Missouri, USA.

In his life-long association with Lions, he has participated in 24 Lions cnventions, 14 USA/Canada Forums, 25 Africa forums and five Lions conferences in far easern countries.

Within the organisation, he has been a member of the faculty at 10 District Governors-elect schools nd chairperson of the District Governors Orientation programme at the 75th International Convention in Hong Kong. Dr Mehta, his wife Kokila, daughter, Sheetal, are all progressive Melvin Jones Fellows. What can be more substantial proof of their dedication to the causes supported by the Lions club all over the world!

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