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February - March 2007

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February - March 2007


Friends Circle International Charter Night at Millenium Hotel, London - Celebrating Universal Brotherhood

by Krishan Ralleigh

Dr. J.K. Nayar, World President; Lord N.Dholakia President UK

Dr Chandru Malkani, Charter member

Krishan Ralleigh, Gen. Sec.; Dr Rami Ranger MBE
Joint Sec.

Dr Chandru Malkani & Uma Wadhwani

A momentous evening in the life of a member of Friends Circle International is the one when he or she takes the Oath of adhering to the belief in universal brotherhood of mankind. Eleventh of November 2006 was the evening chosen by the Committee of the Friends Circle to bestow charter membership of the Circle on Dr. Chandru Malkani and Ms. Uma Wadhwani. The venue chosen for the event was Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, West End, London.

Sid Shah; Indrani Dutta

Lord Navnit Dholakia, president of the Friends Circle, welcomed the members and their guests. Classical dancers from the Chhandam school of Dancing initiated the function. Dr JK Nayar the world president in his address emphasised the value of the message and pointed out that the Circle always welcomed as its members the meaningful and influential people from all walks of life and all shades or society. He request Dr. Rami Ranger. Joint Secretary and a charter member , to read the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Lord Navnit Dholakia administering the Oath of Charter membership to Dr. Malkani

Lord Swaraj, the chief guest of the evening spoke of his association with the Circle from the beginning of its launch back in early 80s. He greatly admired the vision of the founding president Dr. JK Nayar, whose efforts have brought the Circle to such a high niche in the Indo-British community

Lord Dholakia administering Oath of Charer membersship to Uma Wadhwani

After administering the Oath to the new members, Dr. Chandru Malkani and Ms. Uma Wadhwani, Lord Dholakia welcomed the two new charter members. Dr. Malkani, in his response overwhelmed with emotions, gave a broader picture of the aims and objectives of the Circle. The Oath, according to Dr. Malkani, was the very essence of the Upanishads and forms a part of basic ethical values imbibed in all Hindus world over.

L to R: Dr. Chandru Malkani, Uma Wadhwani, Krishna Sharma, Lady Anne Dholakia, Mrs. Kamal Nayar, Dr. Rami Ranger, & Kishan Relvani

The chairman, Dr S.P. Sharma pointed out the importance of recognising the world as one family. Everyone should look at others as friends; and the world will be a safer and pleasant place to live. he exhorted every member to be kind and helpful to other members.

L to R: Uma Wadhwani, Dr. Chandru Malkani, Mr. Ranjan Mathai, Dr. JK Nayar

L to R: Dr Rami Ranger, Mr. Nat Puri, Keith Vaz MP, Lady Aruna Swaraj Paul, Lord Dholakia, Lord Swaraj Paul, Mr Ranjan Mathai, Dominic Gieve MP & JS Gujral

Mr. Nat Puri, a special guest at the function, in his short speech, spoke of his humble background and the great efforts he made to be a success in life. His motto has always been to help the society and try to alleviate sufferings in India as well as in Britain.

After the speeches, there was another classical dance by Indrani Chatterji, renowned dancer from Kolkata.

It was a pleasant, friendly and warm atmosphere despite the November chill outside.

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