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February - March 2007

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February - March 2007


2006 World Leadership Awards - Winners are announced

by Bajrang Bahadur Mathur

The winners of the World Leadership Awards were announced at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The awards were organised by the World Leadership Forum which is a not-for- profit organisation. It promotes leadership internationally- especially in the areas of science, technology, education, communication and the arts – by spotlighting the work of exceptional leaders and achievers in a host of disciplines.

Beautiful City of Albuquerque

Early in 2006 the World Leadership Forum contacted leaders in 400 of the world’s largest cities and asked them to submit synopses of their most successful projects. These projects covered a very wide range of activities spanning all the eleven categories.

City of yellow Stairs, Lima; St. Louis City with a grand Strategy for its Renewal

Solar Panels in Kodki area of Lagos City

South Ecological Park, Lima

Mexico City, a sustainable
transport system

Twenty eight cities were short listed in all different categories. The people who created and managed the projects made presentations to the judges in a series of live symposia in London. The judges applied three criteria: the quality of leadership displayed; the difficulties, or obstacles, that the city has overcome; and the degree of inspiration that the city may give to others.

Town Planning Officials from Lima
proudly put their hands together on
the award

The finalist eighteen included two cities from India, e.g. Kolkata in the category of Urban Renewal for their strategic initiatives and Hyderabad in the category of Science and Technology. However, it is astonishing that the officials from the City of Hyderabad did not turned up to present and make their case in front of the judges and perhaps lost out on the awards as the only other entry short listed under this category, City of Lagos received the award.

Officials of the City of Stuttgart
receiving award for Law and Order

The 2006 World Leadership Awards winners are for:

1. Architecture and Civil Engineering: City of Lima – City of yellow Stairs

2. Economy and Employment: City of Krakow – Tourist Development

3. Education and Development of the Young: City of Lagos – Community, Youth integration

4. Environment: City of Calgary – Making a difference

5. Health: City of Mississauga – Health City Stewardship Centre

6. Law and Order: City of Stuttgart – Partnership for Safety and Security

7. Science and Technology: City of Lagos – Improving Quality of Lives

8. Town Planning: City of Lima – South Ecological Park

9. Transport: Mexico City – Sustainable Transport

10. Urban Renewal: City of St. Louis – Strategy for Renewal

11. Utilities: City of Albuquerque – Securing a Priceless Future

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