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April - May 2007

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April - May 2007



From Devinder Thakur

Dear sir,

I wish to draw the attention of your readers to a report that has been published in the Asian Age "Plebiscite is not possible in Kashmir Euro MP" Asian Age 6th March 2007. Baroness Emma Nicholson MEP should be congratulated as she has done great service to the Kashmir issue by putting the records straight. Her report "Kashmir -:Present Position and Future Prospects" has been a subject of fierce attack by the pro Pakistan Euro MPs, and for the first time, a report that reflects the true ground realities as they exist both in the POK as well Indian Kashmir. For the first time an MEP has taken the bull by the horn by stating quite categorically that there can be no plebiscite unless Islamabad was prepared to change its policy. The relevant UN Resolution clearly stipulated the condition that there should be complete withdrawal of Pakistani troops from POK as well as those who settled from outside Kashmir like Punjabis and Pathans from areas such as Gilgit  and Baltistan and Chinese withdrawal from Aksai Chin. She has also drawn the attention of EU to the terror that is being sponsored into the India Kashmir from across the line of control and also the plight of the Kashmir Pundits who are languishing in the refugee camps in India.


Yours faithfully


From K. Dewan

Finchley, North London

Dear Sir

Thondi is a town in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. This town has a Muslim majority. In the last local body elections Muslims won control of the local municipality.

They have stopped providing cleaning and garbage collection services to the Hindu areas of the town. Schooling facilities for Hindu children hae been discontinued because funds for this service are not provided. Hindus hve been told that they can get these services if they convert to Islam. This is our Bharat.

Kanwal Dewan

From: The Lord Rana MBE

Dear Mr Ralleigh

Thank you for sending a copy of India Link International. It is a very good publication and I wish you many more years of ongoing success.

If you would be interested I could send an article for publication regarding the links between India and Ireland.

Kind Regards

Lord Rana MBE

“Honour to India” Awards

India Link International Magazine is pleased to announce the establishment of Annual International Awards called “International Honour to India” Awards to those Indians who have migrated abroad and subsequently invested time, money and professional expertise in helping the land of their birth. The International Awards will be presented at a ceremony to be held in London.

Awards will be made under the following categories:-

Category No. 1 Any overseas Indian who returned to India and rendered valuable services in the development of India.

Category No. 2: Any overseas Indian who remained overseas but helped his less fortunate countrymen from abroad either by investment or charity works.

Category No. 3: Any overseas Indian who has excelled himself in any profession and business that has brought credit to the country of his origin. i.e. India.

Nominations are invited for each category. Please submit information either by email or a letter giving the name of the person, his address and the reason why you consider the person worthy of getting the award.

The India Link International Awards Panel will receive nominations, scrutinise them and select three in each category. A team commissioned by the panel will appraise the nominations. Where possible, members of the team will visit the area where work has been carried out. They will then present a report to the panel to enable them to make a final selection from each category.

The last date for receiving nominations is 31 July 2007 for this year.

Please send nominations to :

International Awards Committee

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