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June - July 2007

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June - July 2007

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Bhartiya Society for Socio-Economic Development in Global Arena

India is expected to emerge as a number one world power by the end of the year 2020. However the concept of attracting NRI investment had taken a backseat for quite some time because India has been grossly entwined in a labyrinth of intricate international relations, overshadowing the important subject of NRI investment. It is at this juncture that the Bhartiya Society, true to its name and spirit, vigorously took up this subject and highlighted it through various channels and platforms under the worthy leadership and vision of its president, Supreme Court Advocate Alok Sinha.

India has immense potential in almost every field of human activity: education, science and technology, biotechnology, industry and agriculture. Most of the fields even today remain unexploited because the lack of infrastructural facilities have prevented the pace of development from reaching far-flung destinations in the country. These areas offer great investment opportunities with assured returns. Due to government support, favourable legislation, liberal FDI policies, various trade and tariff agreements, there is tremendous scope for NRIs to make the best of these opportunities. Undoubtedly once the sons of soil now enjoying affluent status in foreign countries can come up with liberal investments and joint ventures and take pride in the fact that they have their roots in India.

The present economic scenario does warrant a positive role of a mediator between the foreign investor and the local authorities to accelerate this process of development, taking care of various local and state and central government legislations, rules and regulations and their actual working, modes and modalities, procedures to obtain the targeted goals within limited time frame, ensuring the statutory compliances.

In this stride Bhartiya Society has been actively playing a commendable and effective role and has really achieved success in a large number of cases. Alok Sinha, renowned advocate of the Hon. Supreme Court of India has been the main protagonist and a proud proponent of this grand movement of creating, activating and energizing an apt environment of mutual trust and cooperation ensuring that NRI investment in India grows leaps and bounds and brings glory to all concerned. Bhartiya Society with its good offices, close contacts and widespread infrastructures, devoted work force is moving ahead in its ceaseless march to bring NRIs and the local Indian players including government agencies together to realize the common goals through investments, and joint ventures.

  The basic objective of the society is to provide a common platform to NRIs to come together, providing a bridge between the NRIs and India, the Bhartiya Society for Socio-Economic Development provides bilateral interactions, legal support to obtain statutory compliances and to establish permanent linkages with government and private agencies in India. It has already done commendable work and promoted joint ventures, direct foreign investments in trade, industry, commerce and education by organizing international conferences and seminars to achieve these objectives.

The other allied thrust area of Bhartiya Society is the upliftment of socio-economic condition of the country. The society provides ready guidance for investments, legal supports and inflow and outflow of information and data for matchmaking and tie-ups by hosting seminars and conventions at national and international levels. These conferences boost interactions between parliamentarians, bureaucrats, business chambers and ministers. The society has been drawing large support owing to the high stature, wide, proven experience and linkages, which Mr.Sinha has been providing through his law firm in India, ASC Solicitors and Advocates having many specialists in the field of management, finance and law to do the job to the finish and achieve the targets in a globally charged environment. Mr. Alok Sinha, advisor with major business houses of the country for the last 22 years, has unbeatable arguing skills, expertise and years of valuable experience in the field of Labour Laws and Service Matters.

   With his in-depth knowledge and visionary approach, he became the advisor of the best companies in India and dealt with various nationalized, private banks, corporations & Multinationals. ASC, with its separate Litigation, Corporate, Finance and Conference cell, provides all necessary support to Bhartiya Society. Its corporate wing performs functions like extending all kind of corporate advice, FEMA, SBI matters, compliances of listing agreements, Joint Venture, amalgamation, due diligence, legal compliance audit, Registration under IPR, Registration of company and many other important tasks. Its Finance wing takes care of matters pertaining to Project Financing, Venture Capital, External commercial Borrowing, Asset reconstruction, Debt restructuring, NPA properties, Legal framing, drafting, follow-ups and representations before various authorities, ministries, RBI etc.

 Bhartiya Society’s special conference cell organizes national and international conferences. It was created with a vision to provide legal and technical help and support to the business chambers, associations and societies about the latest laws and also remove the legal lacunas by inviting politicians, law makers and bureaucrats on a single platform for discourse through conferences.

   The society has effectively working offices in India which enjoy the support of renowned law firms across the nation. A full fledged office in UK will soon come into existence where a team of one Indian and one UK lawyer will be made available, who will work in collaboration with top ranking UK based law firms.

  Transcending boundaries, Bhartiya Society constantly strives to renew and strengthen the bond between the NRIs and the nation and aims to build a truly global India.

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