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June - July 2007

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June - July 2007



From K. Dewan

North Finchley, London

Dear Sir

On the eastern flank of India an interim military-backed govt of Bangladesh wants the last Prime Minister, Khaleda Zia to go into exile. She is being forced to leave quietly so that leniency may be shown to her and her two sons (Tariq Rehman and Arafat Rehman). Her dear boys have been charged with corruption and graft. For her own health, and happiness of the two boys, she may go to Saudi Arabia; that comfortable dustbin for ex-prime ministers, presidents and dictators deposed from Muslim countries.

Begum No. 2 known as Mrs. Hasina Wajed, also an ex-Prime Minister, is holidaying in the West these days. She has been charged with corruption and murder of four political activists. The authorities have indicated that she is not wanted in Bangladesh and they would like her to go into exile. She wants to go back to Bangladesh to fight the accusations levied against her. The latest signal was that she is now in Bangladesh and under virtual house arrest. Begum Khaleda Zia is also being kept under these restrictions.

A thousand or so miles away, in the west, on the other side of India, another Oxford-educated Begum, known as Benazir Bhutto, also an ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, wants to go back to her country. She had, very wisely, exiled herself some ten years ago. She had to leave Pakistan; but found that Saudi Arabia was not her cup of tea. It has rigid Islamic laws and would be suffocating for an Oxford girl to live there.

Times seem to changing. She and General Musharraf have negotiated a deal through her relatives and his officers. He could disband the Accountability Bureau who are dealing with charges of corruption agains Benazir and her husband Mr. Zardari. Legal proceedings are continuing in courts.

Now, President Musharraf wants her support to get elected as president in forthcoming elections. Her political party - The PPP- may support his election as president; but would like him to give up his post as chief of the army. They would not accept a president in military unform. The emissaries of Begum Benazie and General Musharraf seem to be having secret talks to come to certain decisions acceptable to both sides. She is desperate to go back home. These comings and goings of begums has turned the political processes in both these countries into a farce.

Yours sincerely


“Honour to India” Awards

India Link International Magazine is pleased to announce the establishment of Annual International Awards called “International Honour to India” Awards to those Indians who have migrated abroad and subsequently invested time, money and professional expertise in helping the land of their birth. The International Awards will be presented at a ceremony to be held in London.

Awards will be made under the following categories:-

Category No. 1 Any overseas Indian who returned to India and rendered valuable services in the development of India.

Category No. 2: Any overseas Indian who remained overseas but helped his less fortunate countrymen from abroad either by investment or charity works.

Category No. 3: Any overseas Indian who has excelled himself in any profession and business that has brought credit to the country of his origin. i.e. India.

Nominations are invited for each category. Please submit information either by email or a letter giving the name of the person, his address and the reason why you consider the person worthy of getting the award.

The India Link International Awards Panel will receive nominations, scrutinise them and select three in each category. A team commissioned by the panel will appraise the nominations. Where possible, members of the team will visit the area where work has been carried out. They will then present a report to the panel to enable them to make a final selection from each category.

The last date for receiving nominations is 31 July 2007 for this year.

Please send nominations to :

International Awards Committee

c/o India Link International

42 Farm Avenue, North Harrow Middlesex HA2 7LR K or email your nomination to

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