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June - July 2007

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June - July 2007


Vision India

by Punita Chandra

Mahatma Gandhi, India’s ‘Father of the Nation’, once said, “ YOU must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Vision India is a charity started by Indians living in UK for their fellow Indians in India, with a view to helping and uplifting some of the impoverished and underprovided sections of society living mainly in rural areas and slums of Mumbai and Delhi. India is now in the midst of a major economic boom, yet a very large part of its population lives in extreme poverty. The one very important factor that will solve a lot of the problems of this developing economy is Education, on which Vision India lays a lot of emphasis.

The trustees have for a while wanted to put aside time and effort to do something to help and give back in their own small way to their homeland, India, which every Indian in his or her own way is passionate about. Thus Vision India was born as a collective effort, and together they resolved to put together an organisation that exists solely for the benefit of thousands of people who have little or nothing.


Life is beautiful and precious. Yet for many, life can become a curse. Poverty, unemployment, disease, countless lives are wasted coping with suffering, and life for them remains nothing but bare survival, where to even think of a prosperous future remains an impossible dream. Basic amenities like shelter, food, sanitation and medicine that we can often take for granted remain a luxury often impossible to attain for many thousands living in impoverished conditions. Our passion for life has made us come together and try to do our bit to change the lives of some people like this, who otherwise would have no one to turn to.

Vision India – The Objectives

Broadly outlined, the Objectives are:

The relief of sickness and the preservation of good health among people residing in India

The advancement of education in India, including training and advice in HIV and safe sex, disaster relief

The Vision

A society in which every Indian has education and ability to build for themselves and their family a future free from poverty.

The Efforts

Vision India has been formed by a unique affiliation of NGO’s Charitable Trusts and dedicated individuals in UK and India who are working towards a better life for a section of poor and marginalized population of India.

The Happy School Trust- The school started initially by a dedicated retired teacher Mrs. Capoor in Gurgoan, Haryana in an open greenland under some trees. Street children, children of domestic workers/labourers, child labourers and rag picker children were encouraged to attend these classes. As the school gained momentum and popularity, we obtained a building from the local government after a long struggle, in which the school now runs.

The day starts with a prayer and a nutritious breakfast and milk. The day includes curriculum studies, ICT education, art and craft, dance, and sport such as cricket and table tennis. Children who would otherwise have spent their lives as labourers or wasting on streets, are some of our most brilliant students, some having achieved as high as 94% marks in the last years exams!

In fact some even attend school and go back to being domestic helps or labourers to provide for their families. Nevertheless, they all have dreams for a brighter future.

The Vinayek Charitable Dispensary is a free medical dispensary for the rural population of Haryana . What started off as a small clinic with one voluntary doctor, now serves 40 villages in the vicinity, and has at least 500 patients. The dispensary has facilities such as GP, pathology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, homeopathy, ENT, and dentistry, all provided to the poor free or at a very subsidised cost. We now have the facility to carry out small operations such as cataract removal, and procedures like ECG are also carried out at the premises, so our patients do not have to queue up at municipal hospitals in Delhi. Medicines prescribed by our GP are dispensed free on the premises. Free advice on safe sex and family planning, and free condoms are provided, as the one major solution to curbing the AIDS epidemic in India would be education on the subject.

A Vocational Training Centre is held in a building nearby for women of the local villages, which runs free courses for tailoring, handicrafts and beauty treatments. Many destitute women who have either been disowned by their families or widowed, have attended the courses and have now got themselves jobs or are earning a livelihood from their own homes.

The Trustees – Mr Krishan Ralleigh, the chairperson of Vision India, and also the Chief Editor of India Link International magazine is a known and respected person among the Indian Society. He has long been recognised for his entrepreneurship and commitment during the years he has conceived and built up India Link International to the reputation it has today. Vision India is fortunate to have his chairmanship and guidance.

Punita Chandra, the secretary, is the founder of the charity. Born and raised in India, and having great pride in being Indian, she has always wanted to help the poor and have a contribution in uplifting the lives of some of them.

Mr Vivak Chandra is a London businessman Although he has grown up in UK, he has travelled extensively across India, and is a very patriotic Indian, and shares the same passion for helping the needy as his wife.

Mr Sunil Trehun a resident of India, manages our work locally and is head of our team with Vinayek Trust and Happy School.

If you would like to make a donation, or find out more about sponsoring a child’s education or a needy person’s medical cost, please feel free to e-mail us on, or phone us on 020 8958 7460 /07985 584843.

Further details of our ongoing work in India are available on our website

One step must start a journey……

One word must start a prayer……

One hope will raise their spirits……

One touch will show you care……

Registered Charity no. 1116412

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