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December 2003 - January 2004

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December 2003 - January 2004


Letters To The Editor

From: Vasudev K Patel, Chartered Accountant
Stanmore, Middlesex

Star News Programme: Focus On South Asia

Dear Sir,

Star News has produced the above-mentioned programme covering Pakistan occupied Kashmir, their people, impact of Indian aggression and socio economic and psychological effect on local Kashmiri people reported by Mr Kainz from their Asia Pacific team. The programme is absolutely one sided (and repeatedly shown three times in a week) and shows the Government of India to be responsible for the whole episode. I, as a person of Indian Origin, feel that it has raised questions in our minds as to who is right. It has put us on the defensive when they question the legal status of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Star News has consistently defamed people of Gujarat and those of the Hindu Faith. Yours sincerely

Vasudev Patel

From: Mr. B.B. Patel
Bradford, UK

Congratulations On A Great Magazine

Dear Sir,

Thank you for sending the Diwali Issue of the Magazine, India Link InternationalIt presented interesting articles ranging from 'Lions of Gir' to 'Global Peace' including a report on the vibrant visit of Shri Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Issue also covered the fascinating topics including Business, Politics, Travel, Sports, etc thus catering for different types of readers. The artwork and printing is very neat and attractive. I sincerely wish you and India Link International best of luck in the New Year.
Yours sincerely

B B Patel

From: Rami Ranger
General Secratary Of The British Asian Conservative Link

Removal Of Iain Duncan Smith

Dear Sir,

The manner in which the Tory leader was removed from office gave rise to a few important questions. He was given the mammoth task of rejuvenating the Party and making it electable after suffering two defeats in a row. In turn, he had to endure the unacceptable behaviour of his colleagues on a daily basis. He was stabbed in the back, his authority undermined as a leader, not to mention the humiliation and insults that he suffered constantly at the hands of some colleagues whose favoured candidate he helped defeat.

Having witnessed how the Tory leader was treated, I am not surprised that not many MPs dated to stand in the Tory Party leadership contest. This cannot be good for our democracy and the country. I believe if we are to avoid another fiasco, only the parliamentary colleagues should be the ones to elect their leaders. It is morally wrong that the people who did not elect the leader entirely in the first place can instigate his or her removal alone from office. In addition, how can a leader who was already unpopular among his colleagues be imposed upon them by the help of local constituents and then expect loyalty from his fellow MPs?

If a member is not popular amongst his Parliamentary colleagues in the first place, he will have no chance of becoming an effective leader to lead the party to victory as events have just shown. Finally, some financial donors also have shown their ugly faces by getting involved in a democratic process with the help of their purses. For the sake of our democracy, no donor should be allowed to exert financial blackmail on our democratic institutions. Yours sincerely

Rami Ranger

From Thomas G Walsh,
Sec. Gen. IIFWP
Tarrytown, New York State, USA
IIFWP Conference, Seoul

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Interreligion and international Federation for World Peace I thank Krishan Dutt for attending the IIFWP Conference convened recently in Seoul.

His participation added a great deal to the success of our meeting. With his help we can continue to be active all over the world, carrying forward the IIFWP vision of living for the sake of others, and promoting practices that empower all people and help overcome the barriers that block the path to peace.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas G. Walsh

From Ursula Mclackland, Sec. Gen. (India Chapter)
New Delhi, India
IIFWP Seminar In Seoul

Dear Sir,

I was delighted to see the excellent press report by Krishan Dutt about the IIFWP conference held in Seoul, South Korea, in August, as well as the beautiful photographs in the Oct/Nov 2003 issue of India Link magazine.

I was especially pleased with the photos of the Indian religious leaders representing the various religions of this great country.

Meeting Krishan Dutt at the Seoul conference was also a pleasure, and when he comes to Delhi, it would be very nice if he were to visit us at our office in Kailash colony.

Yours Sincerely

Ursula McLackland

From: Vikram Sharma
13 Dorset Way, Heston TW5 0NF

International Peace Seminar In Soul

Dear Sir,

As one keenly interested in all matters relating to India, I found India Link magazine to be informative and entertaining, and enjoyed reading the various topics covered therein.

I also found the special report by Krishan Dutt on the international peace seminar held in August in Seoul to be of particular interest. This well-written and informative article with good presentation style and excellent photographs has, for me, created a greater awareness of the issues debated at the said conference.

It is reassuring that in these troubled and unpredictable times when the international community is so divided, there are individuals, and organisations like the International & Interreligious

Federation for World peace who care so passionately about universal peace and the welfare of the human race, and ardently advocate the development of harmonious relations between all the peoples of the world.

Yours sincerely

V. Sharma

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