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August - September 2007

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August - September 2007


Dada Jashan’s Book Launched

by Chandru Malkani

Dada Jashan Vaswani, Spiritual Head of Sadhu Vaswani ission, was in London from 17 to 22 April. During his visit, he delivered a series of discourses in English and Sindhi at the Sadhu Vaswani Centre in London.

As usual, his discourses drew huge crowds.

Dada entering the Satsang Hall with Chandru Malkani

During his visit, Hinduja Brothers had sponsored and arranged a programme for releasing his latest book titled- Peace or Perish: there is no other choice.

The book was launched at a function held at Bloomsbury Theatre, London and was attended by a large number of people from the Asian Community. Amongst the dignitaries present were Lord Khalid Hameed and Mr Barry Gardiner.

Speaking on the occasion, Dada Vaswani laid emphasis on peace. He spoke of three dimensional peace – peace within ourselves, peace amongst the nations and peace with nature. The only alternative to peace, he added, was annihilation.

Dada Jashan lighting the lamp

The programme was followed by question and answer session.

In response to a question, he said that it is not religion that has failed us, it is we who have failed religion.

Dadaji emphasised the need for respect for all life- including birds and beasts. He observed that the 21st century can well see the charter of rights for animals, just as the 19th century saw the abolition of slavery and the 20th century witnessed the emancipation of women.

His speech influenced Lord Hameed so much that he announced publicly that he would abstain from non vegetarian food.

Earlier, Mr S.P. Hinduja welcomed Dada Jashan Vaswani. In his welcome address, Mr Hinduja paid glowing tribute to Dada Vaswani and said that two qualities of Dada had impressed him the most- Dada is always smiling and he is extremely modest.

Dada at Heathrow airport

Mr Dasi Budhrani, Chairman of Sadhu Vaswani Centre, U.K. and an eminent businessman and philanthropist proposed vote of thanks.


The Sadhu Vaswani Mission is a renowned humanitarian organisation with its headquarters located in Pune, Maharashtra and the centres all over India as well as in the eastern and western hemispheres. The Mission strives to serve humanity in various fields- educational, medical, moral, social, cultural and spiritual.

The Mission was founded in 1931, in Hyderabad Sind and was then called "Sakhi Satsang". In the wake of the partition of India in 1947, Sadhu Vaswani left Sind and settled in Pune. In 1950, Sadhu Vaswani resumed his work of service to the community. An association named "Brotherhood Association" was formed. In 1966, Sadhu Vaswani dropped his physical body and the mantle of leadership fell upon his dearest disciple Shri J.P. Vaswani. Out of reverence, he is called "Dada" by the admirers and the followers all over the globe.

Councillor Freer meeting Dada

The Association was renamed as "Sadhu Vaswani Mission". The headquarters of the Mission are situated on a spacious three-acre plot in the heart of Pune on the road that is named after him. Thousands of devotees from all over the world visit the institution and regard it as a place of pilgrimage.

Ram Baba with Dada

Dada J.P.Vaswani inherited all the spiritual qualities of his Master. Under his dynamic leadership, the Mission has grown tremendously and has expanded its humanitarian activities in various fields, such as social, educational and medical, to name just a few.

Dada J P.Vaswani is indeed a tireless worker. At this age (he will complete 89 years on 2 August 2007) he travels from place to place, city to city, and country to country spreading the message of his Master. He is indeed a mystic on the move. When in Pune, he spends considerable time in serving the poor and writing.

Shri Hinduja with Dada

Recently, he was in London and delivered several discourses which were attended by a large number of people. A special meeting was held where his latest book –Peace or Perish, There is no Other Choice- was released. A detailed report of this meeting appears in this magazine.

In Sadhu Vaswani Centre in Lomdon, daily Satsang (fellowship meeting) is conducted where a video recorded discourse is played. His discourse in Hindi is televised daily on Sony T.V. at 6.00 am. Fellowship meetings are also conducted in all the centres in different countries.

Zee TV interviewing Dada

In London and various other countries, his 89th birthday will be celebrated on 2 August with great éclat and enthusiasm. All are cordially invited to join in the celebrations in the Centre at 25 Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 1HP. For further information, the readers may contact our Religious Editor at 07956 223 228.

From L to R: Mr. Grant, Mr. Stefan, Shri Hinduja, Mr. Daasi and Mr. Budhrani

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