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October - November 2007

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October - November 2007


Celebrating India’s Independence day in the United Kingdom

India’s Independence Day was celebrated at the residence of Mr. Kamlesh Sharma, the High Commissioner for India. More than 300 Indians gathered at his residence and listened to inspiring national songs and Mr Sharma’s speech on India’s economic progress.

Similar function was organised at the Consul General’s office in Edinburgh.

There were functions in London, Leicester, Manchester and other important towns where Indians are settled.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Manmohan Singh spoke from the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi. He outlined his new vision of a caring India:

An India that is united despite its many diversities.

An India that is not divided by caste, creed or gender.

An India in which the creativity and enterprise of every citizen can find its full and free expression.

An India in which the weak and downtrodden are empowered, the disabled find support, the destitute find succour and every individual is touched by the hand of progress and development.

An India in which no person or region is left out of the journey of development and progress.

An India in which every citizen can live a life of dignity, self-respect, decency and hope; where every citizen feels proud to say - I am Indian!

An India that lives in peace with all neighbours and all nations.

An India that has regained its due place in the comity of nations.

This vision of India is our proud inheritance from our national movement. We are committed to fully realizing it. We have worked hard to translate this vision into reality, through legislative action, new programmes and new policies. Towards this end we have vastly increased fiscal support to social and human development.

L: Scotland’s first minister Mr. Salmond speaking at the Independence function in Edinburgh; R:India's consul general in Edinburgh

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