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October - November 2007

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October - November 2007


Use the power of HOMEOPATHY this winter

by Kiran Grover

With the nights drawing in and the leaves exploding in a riot of autumn colours, the festivities of Diwali, Christmas and New Year approach. When it’s cold and wet outside but warm and cosy inside we are all susceptible to coughs, colds and flu. Homeopathy is particularly good at treating these types of illness.

Homeopathy is a complete form of complementary medicine that treats mental, emotional, and physical complaints. It is a holistic treatment that addresses the underlying cause rather than suppressing the symptoms. It’s non invasive, non-addictive and simple to use. It can be used with other medicines and it’s safe to use in pregnancy and for babies and children. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective treatment that does not cause any side effects.

Suggested Winter Homeopathic Hints


Colds come in all shapes and sizes and all degrees of severity. Here are a few common symptoms:

When a cold comes on suddenly, especially when it’s brought on by cold weather, try Aconite.

A streaming cold with sneezing, watering eyes and burning discharge from the nose can be helped by taking Allium Cepa. On the other hand, burning and streaming eyes with a bland nasal discharge can be treated by Euphrasia. If both the eye and nose discharge burn then Ars. Alb. is the most appropriate.

Later in the cold, when there is a thick nasal discharge which is yellow or green then Hepar Sulph can be useful.

Use Nat Mur when suffering from streaming eyes and lots of sneezing. If you have congestion but a dry nose, along with general irritability try Nux Vomica.

Cold Sores

Nat Mur is one of the main remedies for cold sores. Common symptoms are a crack in the centre of the tongue or the middle of the bottom lip with pain that causes a tingling sensation, burning or numbness.

Rhus Tox eruptions can also be tingly but differ by having cracked and blistered skin along with itchiness and pain.


Again, there are a huge range of coughs, from a rattling, chesty cough - try Antim Tart – to a dry, hacking and spasmodic one – for this try Ipecac, especially if it leads to gagging or chocking .

Belladonna can be useful if the cough is dry and tickly and worse at night, especially if there’s burning in the throat and a high temperature.

Bryonia can help with a hard and dry cough that includes soreness in the chest, which is exacerbated by movement. Symptoms include irritation and thirst.


Generally, symptoms of flu include body ache, lethargy and a temperature. Rest is very important as is eating nourishing food and keeping warm.

If it comes on suddenly and violently then Belladonna can be beneficial particularly if symptoms include flushed skin and a throbbing headache.

A slow developing flu denoted by muscles ache, which is worse for movement, should be treated with Bryonia

Gelsemium is known as the classic flu remedy for lethargy, heavy dullness in the limbs along with headaches.

Sore Throat

If a sore throat begins with a dry pain, burning and swelling and possibly some hoarseness then try Belladonna.

If there is pus and splintering pain then Hepar Sulph is a very useful remedy -particularly if the patient is irritable.

A throat with ulcers feels raw and burns, and can lead to the loss of ones voice. Try Merc Sol, especially if a symptom is bad breath.

Food and Drink

With all the feasting it’s almost too easy to over-indulge. Nux Vom can be very helpful in alleviating nausea, bloating etc and for food poising try Ars. Alb., particularly when accompanied by restlessness, anxiety and exhaustion. Other symptoms can be a dry mouth and a thirst quenched in small sips, or a burning pain, particularly in the stomach.

For further information on Homeopathy

If you suffer from recurrent or longer term complaints then it is advised to consult a qualified registered Homeopath. Homeopathy is a complete form of medicine which employs a holistic approach to treat mental, emotional and physical complaints. A few homeopathic remedies can help you enjoy a healthy winter without the common complaints of colds and flues!

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from most Chemists and Health Food shops and from Homeopathic pharmacies. In an emergency always contact your GP or Accident and Emergency Department.

If you suffer with more complex illness such as arthritis or asthma you should consult a qualified, professional Homeopath.

Kiran Grover BA, MA, CHE RSHom runs a clinic in Northwood Consulting Rooms. She is a qualified, registered Homeopathic Practitioner, a Graduate of the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London and a professional member of the Society of Homeopaths. For more information on Homeopathy or to book an appointment you may contact her during office hours on 07983 788762 or by e-mail, Her website also has more information.

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