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October - November 2007

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October - November 2007


Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Dadi Dr. Prakashmani: A Jewel among Spiritually Enlightened.

Born in 1922 in Hyderabad Sind (now in Pakistan), Dadi’s childhood name was Rama. Her father, a renowned astrologer of Sind could foresee his daughter’s destiny to lead an ascetic and chaste spiritual life in the services of mankind.

In 1937, at the time of establishment of Brahma Kumaris institution in the form of a small trust in the name of Om Mandali in Sind, Kumari Rama at the age of 14, joined it and dedicated her life for the spiritual upliftment of humanity. She was chosen as one of its original eight trustees and was given the divine name Prakashmani meaning the jewel of light.

By virtue of her talent, vision, values and qualities of leadership, she took up the challenges of starting spiritual service centres in Mumbai and Maharastra and became institution’s chief co-ordinator of Maharastra, Gujrat & Karnataka zones in 1950s and 1960s.

In 1954, Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Prakashmani lead a delegation to the Second World Religious Congress in Japan, toured Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia for six months delivering spiritual lectures and conducting Rajyoga Meditation for restoring inner peace, powers, harmony and happiness in people’s life.

After institution’s founding father Prajapita Brahma left his mortal coil in 1969, she became its Chief Administrative Head and was endearingly called as Dadiji. With generosity of spirit and unlimited vision as her prime movers, she has been able to guide the organization in its tremendous growth by leaps and bounds since then.

adiji has chaired and addressed many national seminars and meets in India and a great numbers of International Conferences in over hundred countries since 1969. She has organized All India “Bharat Unity Youth Padyatras” and rallies in 1985 and “All India Holistic Health Awareness Campaigns” in 1989. She has served as President of annual Universal Peace Conferences at Mount Abu from 1983 to 1993.

In 1980s under Dadiji’s dynamic leadership, the institution got affiliation as an NGO in the DPI of the United Nation and gained consultative status with UN’s Economic & Social Council and UNICEF.

In UN International Year of Peace, 1986 she launched the “Million Minutes of Peace Appeal” project in over 88 countries and presented a pledged collection of billion minutes of positive, peaceful and prayerful thoughts to UN Secretary General during UN’s 40th Anniversary.

In 1988, she became the President of an International Peace Messenger Initiative titled “Global Cooperation for a Better World”, a project dedicated to the UN and implemented in over 129 countries inspiring thousands of community activities at local levels, based on individual and collective ideas for a better world.

Dadiji’s main concerns have been to promote the development of women’s potential within society, creating opportunity for young people, researching the hidden resources of the mind, transforming consciousness through meditation, reactivating moral and humanitarian values and working to bring unity among people for world peace.

She has always been feeling that ‘there is always progress for the self when there are no expectations and no desires for self- aggrandisement. Success is built on love and respect for all human beings. Lightness of nature and independence of spirit attract the love of others and the love of God. This is what brings the greatest happiness and inspires me every day.’

Dressed in a plain white cotton cloth, Dadi has epitomized simplicity while at the same time radiating the authority of woman who has been administering a global organization with a wide network of over 8000 service centres in India and 129 other countries in all continents.

Dadi has described herself as an instrument who love serving human being by reminding them of their innate goodness. It is through awakening of this goodness that we can collectively transform our world. Dadiji has remained a spiritual ambassador whose wisdom has always echoed her own experience.

Following are some of the Honours conferred on Dadiji:

· Dharma Chakra Medal (1984)
· Key to city of Los Angeles (1984)
· City Medals of Sao Paulo and Frankfurt (1984) · United Nations International Year of Peace Medal (1986) · International Peace Messenger Award from the UN Secretary General (1987)
· Honorary Doctor of Literature from Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India (1992) · Giant Award for Social work from Giant International, Mumbai (1994) · “Dharma Ratna”, by World Religious Parliament, New Delhi.
· “Priya Darshini” Award from Priya Darshini Academy, Mumbai for outstanding contribution towards Human Welfare and Global Peace.
· UNESCO has felicitated Dadiji with special award for collecting 35 million signatures from all over India and 120 other countries in support and promotion of the UNESCO’s ‘Culture of Peace’ Project titled “Peace Manifesto-2000” in the International Year of Culture of Peace -2000 as proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the year 2000.

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