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December 2003 - January 2004

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December 2003 - January 2004


Reaching For The Skies: Aasma

by Rajan Patel

The critics call them a 7 crores (US$1.5 million) marketing gimmick. While, fans look upto them and look at Aasma as a band which has been created from the youth within India. Coke India and Channel V, had together promoted a show on STAR TV (Satellite TV Asian Region) wherein last year they formed India's first all girl band (VIVA) which via a nation wide talent hunt.

In the second year, Coke and Channel [V] present Aasma. Rajan Patel in an exclusive interview talks to Aasma - Sangeet, Jimmy, Neeti, and Vasudha, about their debut album, and their aspirations.

1. How does it feel to be a part of India's 1st Boy/Girl Band?

Feels really great....This is the first time a mixed band is introduced in India, so it will definitely attract more attention than usual. Moreover it's all the more fun to be in a mixed band.

2. Musically how do you guys gel? Complete strangers coming together surely also have their minus points

Initially we did have problems gelling together coz our voices, their quality, the texture & styles of singing are completely different. Complete strangers coming together may have minus points but luckily we guys have adapted ourselves to each other's singing. All of us contribute to music in our own way to give it a completely different sound.

3. How do feel your fans have reacted to your debut album?

From what all we've gathered from the figures, tell us that the album is doing really well. Moreover whenever we meet our fans, they really appreciate our songs, like almost all of them. All this shows that whatever hard work we had put in has really paid off well.

4. Do you think that "Chandu Ke Chacha" was right track to be your debut video?

Chandu ke chacha is a young and a fun song. It's all about letting yourself go, getup and dance. And moreover, our goal is to reach out for the masses and we knew that this song would do that. We just wanted the people to freak out and enjoy this upbeat number.

5. How was it to work with the likes of Jatin Lalit and others on your debut album?

It was amazing to work with such professionals; we got to learn so much from them. It was a nice experience coz they too gave us space to voice our opinions & understand our point of view. All of them were really encouraging and supportive.

6. Who are your individual musical influences? (Please answer individually)

SANGEET-influenced the most by my dad right from childhood, quite interested in jazz, progressive rock like dream theatre and love listening to sting. JIMMY-music is my passion right from childhood. I love Bryan Adams and am a die-hard fan of Shaan and Remo Fernandes. They really inspire me. NEETI -my guruji has been my greatest influence and also I've been brought up listening and singing to Lata who is just amazing. I also like Celine Dion. VASUDHA -my BUA (aunt), coz right from childhood she's been teaching me all bhajans n other devotional songs. Another 1 of my greatest musical influences is Alanis Morrissette, she is really great.I would love to be a mixture of both.

7. Five years down the line where do you want to be musically?

All of us would love to compose our own music, keep performing for our dear fans and keep rocking everyone. We want to reach out to every corner of the world just like the endless sky and fill people's lives with our music.

8. If not a part of "Aasma" what would you want to do?

SANGEET -was playing with my previous band nexus, may be would have continued doing that but would have definitely associated with music in someway or the other. JIMMY -music is my passion. I was running two educational institutions but my heart and soul was always inclined towards music. If not this would have still b rocking the crowd somewhere. NEETI -I was a dance instructor and would have continued teaching and learning music. But always had a dream to make it big someday and would have continued chasing that dream of mine. VASUDHA-would definitely want to be associated with music in some way or the other, got just the right thing, can't think of anything else

9. How does each of you chill out?

Generally all 4 of chill out together, may watch a movie at home or at times jam for hours, at times go out to have coffee or generally go for evening walks at jogger's park.

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