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December 2007 - January 2008

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December 2007 - January 2008


Friends Circle International Celebrates its Silver Jubilee

by Krishan Ralleigh

It was a proud moment for Friends Circle International; and they celebrated with panache at the Hilton Waldorf located opposite the India House buiding in Aldwych,London.The Deputy High Commissioner Mr Asoke Mukherji was the chief guest together with Lord Swraj Paul. Dignitaries from the Indian High Commission included ministers Madhav Chandra, S Jagadeesan, Gitesh Sarma, Ms M Subhashini, Naval attache Commodore JJ Singh, Army attache Brigadier R. Yadav, Madhup Mohta & Monika Mohta, Director Nehru Centre.

L to R: Dr JK Nayar (World President & Coordinator);
Dr SP Sharma (Chairman); Lord Swraj Paul

L to R: Lord Navnit Dholakia (President); Mr Asoke Mukherji (Deputy High Commissioner
Indian High Commission); Barry Gardiner MP (Vice President)

Lord Dholakia, the President welcomed the guests and emphasised the relevance of an organisation like the Friends Circle which has the objectives like promoting friendship among people and nations.

Dr JK Nayar, the founder and world president in his address gave a brief history of the Organisation, its development into an organisation which was almost the first in this counry to promote Indo-Brtish friendship and support for India’s economic development by the Indians resident in Britain. He further said,”We believe in Brotherhood of Mankind. One of our objecives is to bring people from different backgrounds and culures togeher in our cultural programmes so that by interaction these barriers can be broken.” He felt that global warming is a great challenge to mankind; and we should give our full cooperation in educaing people to understand and take action to reduce the causes of global warming.

Dancer from Shamaa Dance Compny performing Dance Drama ‘jal’ (Water)

Lord Swraj Paul congratulated the members for completing 25 years as an active organisation pursuing laudable goals. Mr. Asoke Mukherji, the Deputy High Commissioner in his address, while congratulating the Circle on their Silver Jubilee emphasised that the aims and objectives of the Circle are served through dedication and a strong will to work together.

Dr SPSharma, the Chairman and the host for the evening, thanked Mr Mukherji, Lord and Lady Paul, Baroness Sandip Verma, Virendra Sharma MP and other guests who attended this momentous function in the history of the Friends Circle International

Thanking all the members of the executive committee for their hard work in making the occasion a great success, Dr. Sharma again emphasised the importace of the aims and objectives of the Circle which are “the driving force for all of us. We at FRIENDS CIRCLE try to live our working and leisure life according to the norms of Friendship. It involves our relationship with people around us. When we make friends we do not look at their wealth, status, caste, colour or creed.”

Dr Sharma went on to describe the story of friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama, an excellent example of true friendship. Lord Krishna was visited by his childhood friend, a poor Brahmin called Sudama. Sudama brought a fistful of roasted rice as a present to his friend, one of the greatest kings of his time, Lord Krishna. “The moral of the story is that true friends support each other with their expertise, their knowledge and their wealth in time of need. True friends stand by each other, all their life, through thick and thin.” said Dr Sharma.

He pointed out that members of the Circle are now spread all over the world holding prestigious positions in their respective countries and are trying to achieve the aims and objectives enshrined in our Oath.

He particularly thanked the dancers from Shamaa Dance Company who entertained the members with classical dance drama “The Water” and beautiful dancers of “The Flash Angels” who danced on Bollywood songs with wholehearted enthusiasm. “The talented dancing group under the guidance of Terry has brought Bollywood to England and England to Bollywood. Frankly,Your efforts are as much appreciated as the investment of British businessmen in India. You are bringing people together through this cultural mix. And that indeed is a great achievement”, said Dr Sharma.

The sumptuous dinner was provided by Laguna restaurant.

The ‘Flash Angels’ performing on the beat of a Bollywood number

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