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December 2007 - January 2008

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December 2007 - January 2008


Henry Moore’s Masterpieces at Kew

by Bajrang Bahadur Mathur

Female figure: Arch Leg

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in West London are world renowned gardens with important specimens of plants from all over the world. Kew Gardens are laid out in some 300 acres of land with wide avenues leading to spectacular green houses, pavilions, temples including a high pagoda.

Fountain: a permanent picturesque feature of colourful gardens

The Gardens are open all year round and change their display of various glorious colours from season to season. Spring and summer bring a variety of extraordinary colourful blooms to many areas of gardens including those planted with bushes of Rose, Rododendron and Azalea. In autumn, of course, leaves of many shrubs and trees change their colour into attractive shades of yellow, orange, red and green.

Double Oval

The Kew authorities in conjunction with The Henry Moore Foundation have organised an outdoor exhibition of sculptures by Yorkshire born artist Henry Moore (1898-1986). He is of international fame. His sculptures are normally on a large scale and cast in bronze. He mastered and sculpted the curves of the human body. The theme of his sculptures was generally the female figure; as women, occasionally with a child or a family. Sometimes his works were large abstract organic forms, consisting of two or more pieces juxtaposed with each other to display their shape, form and texture. These works also presented the opportunity to the visitors to explore the sculpture from inside and outside and experience the inner and outer spaces created by the artist.

Mother and Child

For art loving people what Picasso is to modern cubist painting, Henry Moore is to large organic forms of sculpture.

Organic forms

The exhibition at Kew Gardens presents 28 large sculptures which are placed in the beautiful settings of parkland and lake. Some of the dynamic and impressive sculptures are illustrated here together with photographs of the existing manmade and natural wonders of the Kew Gardens.

Large white reclining figure

Fully matured ‘Indian Bean Tree’: a beautiful
natural form created only by God

Large upright internal and external form

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