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February - March 2008

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February - March 2008




Sudhir Sehgal

Palmerston road

Palmers green

London N13

Dear Sir,

The recent victory by the Indian Nationalist party, the BJP in the state of Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh and the highly detrimental media propoganda against Modi government by the Congress led-UPA government has once again highlighted its anti-Hindu agenda.

Since the inception of independant India, the Congres government with its so-called secularism has continued to appease minorities, thus treating the majority Hindu community as second class in their motherland.

Firstly, by granting a special status to Jammu and Kashmir with article 370, whereby an Indian citizen would be unable to buy land and vote, but its citizens would have the same rights as rest of their fellow compatriots. Thus resulting in continuously Hindu cleansing from this state

Secondly, by taking no action against the continuous swamping of its states by neighbouring Bangladesh thus resulting in change of its demography from Hindu majority to Hindu minority.

Thirdly, by failing to reinstate TADA, an anti-terrorism act for fear of alienating its anti-Hindu lobby, thus becoming a soft target for Islamic terrorism.

Recently, a disturbing article by so-called secularist Karan Thaper, suggested “to get rid of” Narendra Modi. I believe, if this article was written with any mischevious intention, the peace loving and law abiding compatriots must seek an apology and take legal action against this anti-national person.

Sadly it is obvious that Hinduism is under threat by the Congress-led UPA government with its allies having pro-minority(anti-Hindu) agenda for their short term political benifit. But these politicians should be made aware that India will only remain secular, so long as it is a Hindu majority nation.

From: Rajinder Chopra

Finchley, London

Dear Sir,


Re: Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 7-9 January 2008

I was invited to the annual pravasi Divas this year but I decline. Having attended two events; first in 2004, and second, last year , my reaction is as follows.

I greatly enjoyed the 2004 event. But my experience along with others on the second occasion was highly disappointed.

I believe, the organisers are only interested in thinking that their fellow compatriots could easily be misled or could become an easy prey to “National Emotions” and also, taken for granted of their commitment to their motherland, Bharat.

Lastly, the Indian government should see that the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is an all party celebration and not an event exclusively for the ruling party and marginalisation of other political parties.It ought to be a national event. Season’s Greetings

An Indian Patriot,

Rajinder Chopra JP.

From: Satyapal Verma

New Southgate, London

Dear Sir

Congratulations to Indialink online Team for reproducing the magazine on the web. The way it has been been designed gives me the impression that the team has worked hard and with dedication. This means that your Magazine has already reached the level of other National and International Publications.I really appreciate and commend greatly the Chief Editor and his team for this improvement.

I wish him and the team a very successful future and very much hope that this MAGAZINE would go from strength to strength.

Kind Regards


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