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February - March 2008

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February - March 2008


Vision India: A Vision for Life

by Punita Chandra

Pledge- India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect, and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

For all of us who spent our childhood years in India, this passage will bring back fond memories. Memories of those carefree days at school, walking to school every morning, the laughter with mates, the homework, the stress before exams, the school holidays, and best of all the new text books of the forthcoming academic year……

This pledge is found on the first page of every textbook in India. Every child who goes to school reads this over and over in his days as a student. At the time it may seem insignificant to a child, but the words hold a lot of depth, and as they are eventually embedded in our soul, play an important part in bringing about the sense of pride that every Indian has about being Indian.

It is sad, though that even now there are thousands of children in India who don’t get a chance to attend school. Basic education, which is a very important part of the upbringing of every responsible citizen of any society, is still lacking in many parts of the country. Education is not only important for an individual, a family or a country to progress, but it is vital in embedding a strong sense of National pride in the minds of the masses.

As history stands witness, it is much easier for outside elements to agitate the illiterate population and turn them against their own country. India has seen communal riots and terrorist attacks that have been planned in neighbouring countries and being executed very effectively within India by Indians to disrupt the life and causing deaths in hundreds. Although the masterminds were elsewhere, they made use of the illiteracy and ignorance found in abundance in India, poisoned the minds of the masses and caused communal hatred in a country which has for centuries hosteded people of numerous faiths on the same soil in perfect harmony.

Take a country like the UK for example. It may have been possible for terrorist organisations to plan an attack like the one on 7th July 2005, with the aid of a few fanatics, but communal riots such as in India happening here, is about impossible. In a country like the UK where majority of the population is educated, one cannot imagine a large mass of people leaving their daily lives to cause riots in the name of religious hatred.

If the majority of the Indian population were educated, the venom of religious hatred caused by terrorist organisations could be curbed to a large extent. The Indian Government has in place an education policy which aims to provide schools in every part of India. The process is on, but the progress is limited, especially in areas which are remote or highly populated. A lot can be done to uplift the underpreviliged sections of society in India if the educated Indians in India and across the world came forward to spare a little bit of time effort and money to help their fellow Indians.

Vision India (regd. Charity no. 1116412) aims to see in India a society in which every Indian has the Education and Ability to create for himself and his family a future free from Poverty and Suffering

With this in mind, we at Vision India are striving to do our bit to help educate as many children as possible. Most of the children who attend our school in Gurgoan, Haryana, originate from low income/poor backgrounds, many of them are labourers themselves. We are trying earnestly to provide them with quality education so that they are able to make a successful life for themselves, and in turn make a positive contribution to the society and to India.

Our work at the Happy School can improve in quality with your support. We appeal to Indians in the UK to come forward and make donations to help in the running of the School and do their bit to help eradicate illiteracy in India. Your donations, however big or small will make a positive difference, and are appreciated. We invite every donor on his/her next visit to India to visit the Happy School and to spend some quality time with these lovely children. Please contact Vision India on 020 89587460 or send us a mail via Cheques can be made out to Vision India and posted to 20-22 Blackbird Hill, London NW9 8SD

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