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February - March 2008

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February - March 2008


All Roads to Spiritual Bliss Lead to One Destination - Brahma the Creator

by Krishan Ralleigh

It has always been an enigma to me to see people opting for simple life of spirituality when with their high intellect and endless physical energy they could easily live a life of material prosperity. Is it something in the gene or physical surroundings that impel a person to opt for spiritual life, foregoing many physical discomforts. May be, an Indian who is well versed in ancient Vedic scriptures is inclined to become a recluse in the final span of his life or even earlier.

For me it was a fascinating experience to meet Catholics, Protestants and Muslims opting to follow the simple, disciplined and austere life of Brahma Kumaris.

Let me introduces our readers to some of them:

Here is Margaret Barron, an Irish catholic,who had early education in a convent in the city of Bath. After finishing her college education, Margaret went to Canada and the United States at the age of 21. Even at that early age, Margaret confesses, “ I felt a sort of spiritual thirst. I took to photography as a therapy, went to courses in philosophy and even to Yoga centre.” But the ‘red alert’ as she so dramatically put it, kept on sounding in the innermost recesses of her brain. She also turned to Buddhism in her quest of spiritual bliss.

She moved to Maida Vale in London. “It was in August 1991”, Margaret vividly remembers, “My life suddenly found its vocation. I was introduced to Raja Yoga meditation technique.” A one-week course turned into a lifetime vocation. “The real knowledge is the knowledge of self. This I had been seeking all my life. And I found this divine knowledge in the philosophy of Raj Yoga”, said Margaret with her calm but confident voice.

“Is your spiritual thirst now over”, I asked.

“Yes, it has affected my whole working life. The more outside world is chaotic, the deeper is peace within. It is giving to society which counts.”

“Do you believe in reincarnation”, I asked.

“Yes, reincarnation and karma go hand in hand. Why I was so restless in my early years of life was because of my karma which internally forced me to seek for the true knowledge of self.”

Ingrid Arnold

Meet Ingrid, a stately figure, with calm and composure at all times. It was not so in the early years. Born into a protestant family in Holland, Ingrid studied Biology, worked in a hospital, and did research study in her favourite subject. In no way life was hard to her. A supporting family with good sense of humour kept her happy.

“What was it that brought you to Brahma Kumaris”, I asked.

“I always felt that working life should be connected to my soul. Teaching others with love was a great comfort.”

“What is your aim of life now,” I enquired.

“I always wanted to lead a simple life. That is the nearest way I can be in tone with my soul. Helping others at another level, by teaching the spiritual path I have found, is something which I always wanted to do.”

“What about your relationship with your nearest ones. How do you deal with their expectations?” I asked.

“I am a mother”, said Ingrid. “We all have relationship problems in early stages of life. My destiny has guided me to this life of spirituality where I can be a good teacher and a good mother. I have deep bond with India. I am always happy to be in India because the culture of the common people is diffused with spiritualism.

Tony (Tahir) Khan

A young man in his late 20s, Tony is qualified management accountant. He also runs a website, Asian dealing with social events. He is in marketing and advertising.

I was very inquisitive and a bit blunt. “What made you think of opting for spiritual path of Brahma Kumaris”? I asked.

Tony, a handsome youth smiled disarmingly; and said; “It was my mother’s influence”

Tony’s mother Dr. Naseem Khan is a devoted member of the Brahma Kumaris. “She was”, according to Tony, “always looking for something deeper in life; and she found that in the philosophy of Raj Yoga. I used to accompany her and listen to lectures, which influenced me greatly. Gradually I started meditation and became a vegetarian. This way of living helped me in my business. I found myself more calm and peaceful even in stressful moments.”

Both Tony and Dr Naseem Khan have benefited tremendously from the spiritual path of Raj Yoga they have chosen of their own will. This is a life of selfless love and service for which their karma impelled them to follow.

(To be continued in the next issue)

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