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April - May 2008

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April - May 2008



The Editor,

India LinkInternational

Dear Sir,

Re. Peace in Palestine

“No peace with the Jews” is what I hear repeatedly from certain leaders who claim to represent the aspirations of the people of Palestine. To some degree, many may understand their sentiments but what I cannot understand is their callous and indifferent attitude towards their own people who are suffering in refugee camps for the past 60 years. I also cannot understand the logic of destroying others when in fact they are also destroying themselves in the process. What is the rationale behind making innocent children waste their childhood whilst growing up in squalid conditions without proper education? How can these leaders justify wasting generation after generation without letting them realize their real potential for themselves, their families, their community and their country.

It is a sad indictment of a system where some leaders and their families can live in relative comfort and prosperity while the people they claim to represent live near open sewers without basic amenities and human dignity. Enough is enough. Sixty years of bloodshed must end now to give peace a chance. No more bombs or bullets- instead for the next 60 years these leaders must work to provide bread and the basic needs like health, education and sanitation to their people.

The world including Israel is ready to help the Palestine people who have suffered un-necessarily for years, yet there some who do not wish to see peace returning to this beautiful land. Why?? Is it because their positions are only secured when people are suffering and dying around them? Is it because they find it hard to make a transition from being men of violence to men of peace??

I am not a Palestinian but I will make peace with anyone to stop innocent children and families suffering. Why is it hard to realize that children are brought into this world to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of their parents and yet those hopes are being turned into misery and nightmares when they witness their death and destruction in front of their very eyes. What kind of leaders put their personal interests above that of the future of their next generation? I plead to everyone who is waging war purely on the basis of race and religion to start fighting for peace, love and harmony so that we all benefit including they themselves and families.

Life is not a rehearsal that we can have a second chance, nor do we have the possibility to come back from heaven to see our loved ones. So let’s not go prematurely from where we cannot return instead start enjoying paradise on earth whist we are alive. The world is big enough for everyone to live in. We should follow the example of countries like Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, India etc etc who allow people from different faiths to co-exist amongst them side by side. Friendship is the only way forward.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Rami Ranger MBE

Dear Sir,

In the programme “ Battle for Gujarat”, telecast on November 15, 2007 by the TV channel CNN-IBN, the

psephologist Yogendra Yadav analysed voting pattern on the basis of castes. Rajdeep Sardesai has also referred to castes and used the word, “upper caste” very frequently. This is certainly not in nation’s interest.

Until casteism is completely eradicated, we should not consider any castes lower or higher. Casteism is the greatest social evil in our country and it must be given up.

Continuous reference to castes arouses caste identity of people, which is transformed into caste pride and some times gives rise to caste atrocities and riots.

The media cannot escape the blame in such riots if it has its own share of contribution to perpetuation of castes. The media must emulate the example of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who always talks of the welfare of 5 crores of Gujarathis and never talks of anybody’s religion or caste. It is high time concerned authorities like the Election Commission, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, the Press Council of India and the Press Guild decide to ban the use of words connoting castes and analysis of voting patterns based on castes and religions.

Yours faithfully,

K. G. Acharya


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