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April - May 2008

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April - May 2008


India Delegation hailed a success

A visit to India by Liam Byrne MP, the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration was hailed a success by the delegation of Community Leaders who accompanied him.

Dr. Rami Ranger the Chairman of the Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum led the delegation of 10 community leaders from diverse religious and political affiliation.

The visit came ahead of the Government’s new immigration regulations and was aimed to give British citizens, who are heavily involved in India, the chance to visit the visa application centres and discuss the new regulations with local officials and locals.

Dr Ranger MBE said:

I am grateful to the Minister for asking us to accompany him and also for listening to those who will be affected with the changes in the immigration/visa rules. I feel that it is important for the Ministers to interact with individuals members such as those of this delegation to receive expert advice.”

“I feel more British Ministers should be accompanied by delegations of community representatives when they travel abroad, especially with those who originate from there to get a clearer prospective. It is vital that people understand issues such as immigration from both sides to communicate objectively with their people. Moreover, decisions should not be made in isolation behind closed doors, especially when they affect people at large”

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