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April - May 2008

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April - May 2008


Hindu Cultural Society (North London) celebrates India's Republic Day

Hindu Cultural Society (North London) celebrated India's Republic Day in their Hall in Friern Barnet. The programme was hosted, organised and presented to a packed house by “EKTA”- the H.C.S Women’s Forum. The evening started with a Havan Ceremony, performed by Mrs. Ahalya Sharma, who made the ritual especially interesting for the audience by explaining the importance of Sanskrit Mantras .

The Cultural programme started with Mrs. Raj Modgil reciting her poem accompanied by members of the EKTA Round Table – Devina Rishi, Manju Masson, Karuna Sood, Harsha Savjani, Veena Jagpal and Rita Gupta. The poem was a lyrical expression of the importance of EKTA (unity) and the role of women in society. The childrens' segment of the function, organised by Mrs. Devina Rishi, was highly entertaining. Their speeches, dances and characterizations, told the story of India from its rebirth as an independent Republic, throwing off the yoke of the colonial British Raj, to the modern day technological and economic phenomenon that it has become. It was thrilling to see the children in their colourful costumes representing great men and women of India along with the regional vibrancy of this vast nation. It was also touching to witness the pride they felt in their Indian heritage. Lalit Nagpaul’s surprise appearance in the role of Chacha Nehru, extolling the virtues of the Indian spirit, proved to be a delight for the children and the audience alike.

Mr.Prem Modgil, President of the society, welcomed the chief guest Ms.Monika Kapil Mohta, Director of Nehru Centre. She presented medals to the children in recognition of their extraordinary efforts in making the programme such a success. In her address, Ms. Monika Kapil Mohta commended over thirty years of work of HCS in promoting Indian art and culture in this country, and its role in ensuring a continued appreciation of Indian values, roots and identity in future generations.

The hall resounded to the sound of Indian songs expressing national pride. These were sung by the members of EKTA and led by Mrs. Ahalya Sharma. Overall the programme was a resounding success as witnessed by the numerous standing ovations given by the audience

The programme ended with the Indian national anthem, arti followed by preeti bhojan.

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