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June - July 2008

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June - July 2008

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India Link International Business Forum Seminar

India Link International Business Forum held a seminar at the Bombay Palace Restaurant for the entrepreneurs Gora Dutta and Sabarna Mukhodyopai. Gora Dutta especially flew for the seminar from California. His venture Cal2Cal (Calcutta to California) epitomises the history of Gora’s endless efforts of give practical shape to his ideas on the global scene. His mission has now taken off with headquarters in California and branches in Britain and Europe. The presentation by Sabarana, the Managing Director of Cal2Cal (Europe) and Gora gave the audience a good understanding of the exent of utilities provided by the company. his work.


A self funded, boot-strapped growth has enabled CAL2CAL to grow from a one man team to a highly skilled small global company. To meet the rapidly evolving needs of the industry, CAL2CAL is creating innovative high-performance solutions suitable for tomorrow’s world of mobile technology.

CAL2CAL is leading the global mobile Healthcare IT Market Leader to help bridge the health-divide between the developed and the developing world by building carbon neutral, environment friendly solutions.

CAL2CAL is focused on developing products that significantly improve the ability of businesses to deliver services and control its operations efficiently; and on developing information & communication technologies (ICT) to enable delivery and monitoring of social safety net and public health services. Its global social commitment is to develop alternative low-cost information systems and communication tools to empower the poor and challenged individuals to lead an equitable life.

CAL2CAL has created a significant impact in its areas of operations and has won several awards and recognition across the world. It is a member of international standards organizations like HL7 and is actively involved in research activities with international academic institutions.

CAL2CAL Expertise :

CAL2CAL’s expertise lies predominantly in the application of mobile and web-based technologies to build innovative solutions for e-Health, e-Finance, e-government and Social Safety Net programs.

They offer IT products and services for web based Applications providing accessibility anywhere anytime.

Mobile data collection and real time data transfer to the respective personnel for faster action according to the clinical/admin/management needs. It addresses the needs of data collection at any location eg. home visits for elderly, special needs or vulnerable patients; at rural locations, during travel, etc.

Interoperability between existing systems: via our Integration tool: data integration, business intelligence: analysis, visualisation & reporting (AVR), spatial data and dash board style decision tools. Secured data storage, knowledge management

The systems provide authenticated user access, tracking, alerting, task scheduling, communicating with the all users via SMS/emails and Secured data storage & Reliable data transfer.

In support of the global carbon footprint reduction effort, CAL2CAL has developed a Solar Cell powered “mobile” clinical records solution, CALDSg, offering a green solution; equally versatile and effective in rural as well as urban areas. The “last mile” remote data access and tracking is no longer a problem in the software application space!

CAL2CAL is interested to partner or work in collaboration with UK companies and investors. For further information please contact our local office : tel: 07957 657001 or email : InfoUK@cal2cal.comPersonal Health Record Monitor : free download

After the seminar, the Q&A session brought out more details about the working of the company. Mr Hemant Patel, Mnaging Director of a software company offered his support. Many other members showed interest in investing funds in Cal2Cal.

ILI Business Forum is a non-profit making club. Membership is open to businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors who seek opportunity of meeting regularly for networking session in central London. Membership enquiries: Telephone:020 8866 8421

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