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June - July 2008

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June - July 2008

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The Islamic terrorists blast Jaipur

The Jaipur bomb blasts, seven within 20 minutes, took place within the walled city around Hawa Mehal, Hanuman Mandir, Johri Bazaar and Manak Chowk, all crowded areas. It was clear that this outrage was meant to do maximum damage to life.

‘Jehad-e-Islami’ (established in 1992 and based in Bangladesh), which was involved in similar bomb attacks in Hyderabad, Ajmer and Benares is suspected in this gruesome atrocity. According to latest reports up to 100 people had been injured and 50-60 deaths occurred. One bomb with timer had been defused by bomb squad. Some of the bombs had been fixed to bicycles. Use of RDX is suspected. High alert was declared in Delhi and Mumbai.

Next day the death toll rose to 70 with as many as 200 people injured. The superintendent of Police in Jaipur imposed a curfew in certain areas of the city.

Another NDTV reporter at the Hanuman Mandir, one of the terrorist targets, was told by the head priest that despite the attacks and the resultant fear, Hindu devotees were attending the Mandir Puja in large numbers.

According to police investigations, Bangladesh cigarette stubs were found at the bombed sites, which points to the possibility of the involvement of the ‘Jihad-O-Islami, and the strong possibility of local inhabitants.

The latest reports gave the death toll as 80. The police have confirmed that besides RDX, Ammonium Nitrate was also used in the bombs. Another Islamic terror group, ‘Herkut-e-Jihadi’ was also suspected in involvement as an active participant. The police and sifting through the debris to gain further info of this attack.

Rajasthan DGP admitted that police did receive copies of the Nagpur Weekly’s March 2008 issue which reported that Jaipur had become a hub of terrorist activities but they failed to act on it. (Report by our Chief Reporter)

Was it designed to drive a wedge between the city’s Hindus and Muslim?

Is it a part of a large scale conspiracy of destroying India’s economy?

Send your views on Jaipur blast to:

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje reveals Centre’s sluggish behaviour

Mrs Vasundhara Raje has claimed that the Central Government had written to her that the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants should be put in transit camps and the state government should pay for them. Annoyed with such suggestions, the Chief Minister said that it was like asking the state to “set up its own Guantanamo Bay.”

When asked under what law the state could detain people in a transit camp, she replied that they had been asking the same question to the Central Government.

BJP holds Congress-led UPA government’s “soft approach” towards terrorism responsible for the attacks.

BJP spokesman, Arun Jaitley pinned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh down for showing little interest in curbing terrorists’ activities. He said,”Manmohan Singh’s bonafides in the war against terror are suspect. It is ironical that after being in the prime ministerial office for four years, the PM has finally woken up to the harsh and cruel reality that prevention and investigation of terrorism in India is on the verge of collapse.” The repeal of POTA by the UPA was a blunder and is the proof of the central government’s non-chalant attitude to fighting terrorism.

(Is Arun Jaitley right in blaming Manmohan Singh and the UPA government for recent blasts in Jaipur and earlier in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Benares?).

Post your views to or write to Editor, India Link International (Letters to the Editor).

Karnataka Elections Results Crucial BJP Sixty per cent turnout in second phase.

In many ways, the election results in Karnataka will change the political scenario of the country. First, a clear victory for the BJP will give strong foothold to the BJP in the South. Secondly, it will influence the timing of the next general election which has to be held within a year. At present the opinion polls predict a modest victory for BJP.

SRK prohibited from visiting dressing room of his IPL Team

Shah Rukh Khan’s desire to ‘Chak de’ Kolkata Knight Riders backfired when the ICC anti-corruption unit banned him from going to the team’s dressing room to say a word of encouragement to his ‘boys’. “I work hard. I want them to work harder. I would have liked the KKR to reach the final,” said a disappointed Shah Rukh.

Manmohan hopes Inflation going down with good Monsoon.

Inflation in India has risen to 7.33% which is more than twice from late November 07 when it was only 3.11%. High inflation, as the political pundits know, is a vote-loser in India, as it hits the poor very quickly. General elections are to be held latest by May 2009. The UPA govt. of Manmohan Singh is pinning hope on good Monsoon this year for dramatic fall in inflation rate.

Mobile Lines in India

India recorded another increase in new mobile lines in March this year. There are now 10.1 million new mobile lines. It has now overtaken the United States to become the second-largest wireless market in the world, after China. The acceleration and deepening penetration countrywide is in sharp contrast to the year 2000 when only 3 million new wireless lines were added in the entire 12 months. At present, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, there were 261.1 million wireless users in India at the end of March 2008. The US is estimated to have 258.2 million wireless users according to the International Association for the Wireless Industry website. China’s Ministry of Information industry’s statistics show their country has 574 million mobile users.

The Reserve Bank of India expects GDP growth for the year ending March 2008 to be 8.7%, according to early estimates. GDP growth for the year ending March 2009 to be 8.8%India at present has foreign exchange reserves of $331billion, third largest in Asia.

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