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June - July 2008

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June - July 2008



K. Metzer M.A. Cantab.

Watford, Hertfordshire UK

Karen Armstrong’s book “The Bible (The Biography) is brilliant, and I agree with some of it; but not her scepticism about King David, whose life story i think is largely true.

General opinion in the UK and USA is largely not Christian or Jewish in the traditional sense, but affected by research and scepticism eg. on Moses Life and the Virgin Birh of Jesus. I have a book by G. Parrinder (Jon of Joseph), according to which Mary had 7 or 8 children and Joseph was the actual father of Jesus. Parrinder is an emeritus professor of Comparative Religion in the University of London.

Muslims believing in the Holy Qu;ran are not necessarily fanatical. Fanatics largely follow the Wahabi sect originating in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. And the Shia in Iran and Iraq are quite a different lot. Karen Armstrong’s book says very little about Islam - on which she has written a different book.

What matters is what political leaders believe in. This is vital. According to a Christian magazine (Dispatches from Jerusalem) the President of Iran believes in the coming of the Mahdi and hence a nuclear war between Israel and Iran is possible between 2010 and 2020. This would result, according to Cordesman, a professor at CSIS (Centre for Strategic and Internatioal Studies, USA) in 16-28 million Iranian deaths and 200,000 - 800,000 Israeli deaths, all within 21 days. But Karen Armstrong points out that even strategic assessments may be coloured by belief in this ‘rapture’ based on a literal reading of the Book of Revelations (the last book of the New Testament).

According to a humourist laughing about the oncoming American presidential election, the new president (B.Obama) when informed of Iran’s development of an atomic bomb in 2009 would be at a total loss as to what to do do Considering intelligence failures of the past, e.g. about Adolf Hitler’s intentions, he would not be the only one!

Yours truly,

Kurt Metzer

From: Rachhpaul S. Bedi

Founder The Darbari Trust UK

Disability Advice Service

Maya House

Kesar Singh Rai Buildings

43-45 Spring Grove Road

Hounslow TW3 4BD

Dear Sir

We shold be most grateful if you could disseminate our message to your readers.

We need your invaluable support. We believe that disable people in the United Kingdom are most “undeserved”. They are being discriminated against and are being ignored. Only lip service is paid by all those who purport to assist them.

According to a recent survey there will be in excess of 25million disabled people in the United Kingdom by 2025. Many people are ot visibly disabled and or do not wish to advertise their disabilities. These people develop mental illnesses as a direct result of which society suffers. We are serving such people. However, due to lack of funds our services are limited despite the fact that there is a great need for such services tha we provide.

We urgently need volunteers to join us as members to assist disabled members of the public who afre sufffering because of discrimination. The membership is free. However, we would always welcome donations.

We look forward to hearing from your readers and thank you in advance for your assistance.

Your faithfully

Darbari Rachhpaul S Bedi


Tel:020 8572 0044

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