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June - July 2008

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June - July 2008


All Roads to Spiritual Bliss lead to one Destination: Brahma the Creator

by Krishan Ralleigh

If you had read my earlier interview with the devotees of Raj Yoga meditation, you will definitely like to read this second instalment of the interview on the devotees of Raj Yoga meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumari organisation. In this concluding article I will be introducing two different personalities, from very different background converging in one organisation like two small streams flowing through two different geographical terrain merge in one mighty river and become indistinguishable from each other.

As I said earlier, it was a fascinating experience to meet Catholics, Protestants and Muslims opting to follow the simple, disciplined and austere life of Brahma Kumaris of their own choice. There was no coercion, financial inducement or family pressure of any kind. Religious missionaries of whatever denomination should learn at least this one lesson from the Brahma Kumaris.

Meet Rosemary Turberville, ever-smiling but stern-looking lady with innumerable responsibilities, was born in Surrey, a salubrious suburb of South London. Her father was working with the British Council, hence frequent transfer to various countries enabled Rosemary to acquire experiences of living in Brussels, Jerusalem and Iran. Her education was in a Church of England boarding school. She later on went into administration, a vocation she loves to continue even now at the Brahma Kumari Global University in Brent.

“I was externally always very confident but internally I thought my life was shallow, a meaningless existence.”

“What did you like about the Brahma Kumaris that made you join the Mission?”, I asked.

“A stage came in my life when relationships became a burden. I was searching for truth, the real meaning of life which evaded me. Then in 1999, I did a Raj Yoga meditation course. It opened my eyes. Something inside me felt such a relief. It gave me mental freedom. Previously I always thought myself suppressed by the burdens of so many relationships and responsibilities in my life. Now I felt I was a free soul.” said Rosemary with a strange glow showing on her face.

“In what ways has the spiritual knowledge you have acquired here enhanced the quality of your life?”, I asked.

“My spiritual knowledge, however small it is, has made me feel in tune with nature, with the Supreme Being. I do not see any dichotomy between physical and spiritual life. In many ways it has empowered me to do so many worldly things without any stress and strain which otherwise is a common thing, or used to be with me in my own life. Now I do not get tired. There is no negativity in my mind about anything”, said Rosemary firmly and politely.

“How do you reconcile the fact that you were brought up as a Christian and now you believe in the philosophy of Karma and reincarnation?” I asked.

Rosemary thought for a while and then began to explain: “Human beings do not evolve only physically. They also evolve spiritually. My karmas are the instruments of that evolution of my soul. It is a long journey, sometime taking many life spans before one reaches the Supreme Being - The Brahma. To me this philosophy satisfies my mind and soul. It fits me like a glove. This is the ultimate destination of my soul.”

Readers, let me now introduce you to an entirely different personality. At first glance I was deceived by his very youthful looks. I took him a young man in his twenties who is experimenting with the Brahma Kumari mission more as a curiosity than a destination which satisfies his mental and spiritual quest. Michael Timothy, with his innocent smile, corrected me by confessing that he was 48 year old. In his early youth he was a successful pop musician, working with a band; and jet-setting round the world. In material sense, he lived life to the full. But then “I would sit down and brood for hours that life is certainly more than this material existence. One of the things I needed to know was myself. Who am I? I used to become restless when these thoughts jumbled in my mind.”

“What did you experience when you joined Raj Yoga meditation?”, I enquired, very sceptic of Michael’s dedication to his new faith.

“I found that after my introduction to Raj Yoga meditation, my life has started taking a new turn. My desire of drinking and worldly pleasures had diminished after a few weeks of regular meditation. A strange vibration of happiness - spiritual happiness filled my inner being. I began to feel that there is in me an inner self which is real me. Michael Timothy is not this physical body of which I used to be so proud. It is not even the music that I make to entertain others.”

“Have you now left your music-making?”, I asked.

“Oh no! I love music. I go on a tour with my music piece “Rock of Peace”. Now my music is a service. It is now a vehicle for my spiritual evolution.”

“What does your family think of this sea-change in your personality?” I asked.

“Well, at first they were suspicious and thought I was being brain-washed. Now when they see a positive change in my personality, they are quite happy. I was born a Catholic, used to go to Bible classes regularly. Somehow, my inner-self always remained unsatisfied. Meditation and the philosophy of Karma has opened my eyes to the real world. The spiritual world which is eternal. I now concentrate on music that is purifying.”

Well, for me, Michael Timothy, after only a few years of meditation, is harmony personified. His love for music, in self-less service to mankind, has become his karma, an instrument that will further evolve his spiritual life. Like Dharma, the influence of Raj Yoga meditation is subtle and sublime.

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